Vegans donated blood and received a plant-based meal

With the help of volunteers, we launched an initiative to introduce vegan options in the cafeteria of the Croatian Institute of Transfusion Medicine. The initiative aims to ensure equal rights and options for all blood donors, regardless of their dietary habits. As part of the initiative, our members visited the Institute on January 24 and participated in blood donation.

Song for children about veganism

Nine-year-old Sofia Makar, who has been a vegan almost since birth, has performed and recorded a music video for a very emotional song – “Vege song” – which touches on the topic of veganism. The music video was recorded on World Vegan Day in front of the Meštrović Pavilion and the fountains located near the National and University Library in Zagreb, with the fountains displaying the colors of the vegan flag.

Urgent modification of the Ordinance on Dangerous Dogs is required

The recent tragedy in Zadar, relating to an elderly woman being fatally bitten by an American Staffordshire Terrier, will leave a lasting impact on both the dog’s life and the lives of the ill-fated woman’s family members. It is a devastating fact that this horrible accident most likely could have been prevented by the introduction of a new Ordinance on Dangerous Dogs prescribing new and effective preventive measures. Castration and socialization can only benefit dogs. It is unfortunate that, although the public hearing on the Ordinance did end in 2021, further development has stalled.

The Fourth March for Animals!

After four long years, on Saturday April 13, 2024, we will once again organize the March for Animals – the fourth one in Croatia! Animals suffer exploitation in almost all spheres of human activities, and many pets also endure neglect, abandonment, and abuse. Meanwhile, the competent authorities have been ineffective. Because of this, we believe that everyone will find their own reason to march and raise their voice for the innocent.

Max Mara Go Fur-Free!

At the start of Milan Fashion Week and just before the upcoming Paris Fashion Week, organizations such as Humane Society International, LAV, and Fur Free Alliance launched a campaign to convince the luxury fashion brand Max Mara to stop using fur. A 25-meter-tall hot air balloon with the message “Max Mara Go Fur-Free!” flew spectacularly over the fashion house’s headquarters in Italy, urging Max Mara to eliminate fur from its collections!

Flash news

  • We sent letters to all local government units on World Spay Day, asking them to commemorate the day by promoting the importance of neutering and funding such practices.
  • We spoke about the number of dogs and cats in Croatia, the need for introducing a pet registry, and the failure of many local communities to conduct legally required checks of microchipped dogs to reduce the number of abandoned animals.
  • We sent a letter to the Minister of Agriculture regarding the breeding and sale of pets.
  • We filed a complaint with the State Inspectorate due to their short and formulaic responses.
  • We attended a meeting at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development during which we talked about the importance of promoting a plant-based diet to mitigate climate change and we sent them a letter about preventing unregistered activities.
  • We attended a meeting with the Chief State Inspector during which we presented the main obstacles we face regarding veterinary inspection.
  • We condemned the brutal killing of wolves in Dalmatia.

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