With Plant-Based Food, a Better Love Life

Researchers from Stanford University have concluded that a vegan diet can increase libido in women, prolong erections in men, and generally improve sexual life. This was featured in the documentary “You Are What You Eat: The Twin Experiment.” Participants underwent various tests to investigate how certain foods can affect the body.

Individuals Must Not Illegally Rescue Animals

We have emphasized our concern about daily violations of regulations by veterinarians, veterinary inspectors, and communal wardens. However, no one should engage in gathering large numbers of animals and collecting donations for their care for adoption purposes without having a shelter registered with the Ministry of Agriculture. If they do not have a registered shelter themselves, they must have an agreement with a shelter.

Vegan Women Sweep the Competition

The Croatian Weightlifting Championship was held in Osijek on April 13 and 14, 2024. At the competition, Ana Špac, a long-time vegan and our volunteer, swept the competition and won gold in three disciplines. Tihana Majer, also a long-time vegan, competed and also won three gold medals, being declared the third-best lifter of the competition!

Horror at the World Dog Show

Regarding the World Dog Show held in Croatia, breeders have reported to us the great suffering of dogs with the blessing of the show organizers, the Croatian Kennel Club (HKS). Breeders claim that HKS awards pedigrees to dogs bred in incestuous relationships, resulting in sick offspring. They point out that there is no love for animals, but that the dogs are “victims of a hunger for profit.”

The (R)evolution of Meat is Underway

On Friday, May 10, at the OAZA Joyful Place, we held a promotion of the guide “(R)evolution of Meat,” useful for education on plant-based meat. The guide’s goal is to increase the availability of plant-based meat in hospitality venues. Therefore, we will send it for free to over 1,000 restaurants across Croatia, as well as to other relevant institutions.

Veterinary Inspection Allowed Horse Abuse

Gross violations of the law and the torture of horses took place before the eyes of the veterinary inspection at the horses’ log-pulling competition near Velika Gorica, which ignored our request to ban the event. This is not a competition in log pulling but in horse abuse! We have also launched a petition to ban this shameful practice.

25 Dogs and Monkeys Rescued from Horrific Experiments

The Italian organization LAV reported that the largest seizure and rescue of animals from laboratories in Italy’s history occurred! 25 animals were rescued from a research facility accused of mistreating and illegally killing beagles, marmosets, and macaques. Instead of such experiments, investment in new technologies is needed to promote scientific development and help sick people.

13th VegeFair on June 8

The 13th VeggieFair will be held at European Square in Zagreb on Saturday, June 8, from 8 am to 9 pm. This event continues to educate and promote vegan nutrition and sustainability. You can learn how to help yourself, animals, the planet, and other people, while having fun and enjoying food that does not require the suffering of any animals. We invite everyone to visit us, and you can also help in organizing it.

Flash news

  • Our volunteers donated blood again and submitted another request for vegan meals at the Institute of Transfusion.
  • We responded to media reports about Minister Butković’s cow and commented on the inadequate conditions in which it lives.
  • We gave an interview related to the 4th Animal March.
  • We sent another letter to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economy regarding the registration of animal breeding activities and engaging in economic activities. We also attended a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture on the same topic.
  • We requested Minister Vučković to advocate at the working group and encourage other participants to support the introduction of the Positive List.
  • We appealed to the Ministry of Agriculture to use the returned unspent funds from local self-government units in Međimurje County for castration and redirect them for the same purpose in another county.
  • We sent letters to all parties running for the European Parliament to sign the Promise for Animals. We also invite you to ask them to sign the promise via this website.
  • We continued to advocate for the speedy construction of a shelter for abandoned animals in Split.
  • We marked World Day for Laboratory Animals.

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