Animalist no. 246

Signing Lucrative Contracts for Closed Shelter

We filed a complaint to the State Inspectorate against the Crikvenica Veterinary Clinic which has been placing cats and dogs for over four years at an uncertified shelter at an address different from the address registered with the ministry, while the certified shelter had closed.

Survey Results Revealed

We carried out a survey on vegan options at student cafeterias and dormitories involving approximately a thousand students. 92 % of respondents supported the introduction of vegan options, among whom 68% stated they would consume vegan dishes regularly or from time to time. Similar data was obtained in relation to trying out vegan dishes – 85% of respondents said they would try out a vegan dish, whereas 57% of students would opt for it every day or several times a week.

V-Label as Vegan Product Guarantee

V-Label is the best-known trademark for plant-based products with over 50,000 licensed products worldwide. We recently reported on Bajadera receiving the V-label certificate, an ever more relevant detail for consumers who choose vegan products in their effort to help stop climate change, and protect animals and the environment.

Students Hungry due to Bureaucracy

Following our student survey on vegan options, we shared the results with the Minister of Science and Education, Radovan Fuchs. At the same time, we forwarded a request to be represented on the committee working on the new by-law on student meals. We also presented the minister with the survey analysis and student comments which unequivocally demand the long overdue changes.

Forever Home

On November 30, International Pet Day, we organised a free screening of the Forever Home documentary. The film follows three volunteers, Aleksandra Pleša, Diana Primožić and Nina Rosić, who have dedicated their lives to sheltering and rehoming of abandoned dogs. The International Pet Day is celebrated worldwide, reminding us of our duty to provide responsible care for animals with which humans choose to co-habitate.

Dubrovnik Gets Certified Shelter

We reported on the Dubrovnik City finally getting a shelter for abandoned animals, following the rescue of more than 260 dogs from the uncertified shelter. The remaining 34 Žarkovica dogs have been transferred to the city shelter, still awaiting adoption. We invited Split and other self-government units, who have been making promises but are yet to deliver on them, to set up an animal shelter and exclude it from political strife.

Cities Free of Fireworks

We sent memos to local self-government units (LSGUs) with a request not to organise fireworks on New Year’s Eve and thus protect animals, the environment, and human health. At the same time, we expressed our thanks to those LSGUs who have already stopped the practice. For a full list of over 40 towns and municipalities who have informed us that they would not organise any fireworks, click here.

Flash news

  • We took part in EKOFEM public forum.
  • We commented on the case of a lion which escaped from a circus.
  • We sent a memo to all LGUs in Dubrovnik-Neretva County regarding the implementation of the Animal Protection Act.
  • We gave an interview relating to animal farming and its future.
  • We made a statement on recent sightings of a wolf in an inhabited area.
  • We sent a memo to the Minister of Agriculture regarding the violation of animal welfare in the implementation of measures for suppression of African swine flu.
  • We filed a complaint over intentional killing of two dogs.
  • We sent a memo to the State Inspectorate and the Ministry of Agriculture regarding camels and llamas that veterinary inspection classifies as domestic animals. See a video explaining the absurdity of the situation.
  • We held the 32nd Meeting of the Animal Protection Network.
  • We sent a memo to the Minister of Agriculture regarding African Swine Flu and pet pigs.
  • We sent memos to all LGUs, reminding them of the legal obligation to neuter all abandoned animals.

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