AnimaList No. 98

‘Even if fur had a purpose during the old, primal and primitive civilisations when there was no replacement for it, today when there are adequate and better quality replacements of the original, there is no point to it except violence and to destroy the natural balance out of spite.’ – Boris Novkovic, Croatian singer

New penal code

The New Penal Code, which we helped create with our suggestions, came into force this year, making killing animals a punishable criminal offense.

Black Chronicle 2012.

We made a list of 30 cases of animal abuse in Croatia in 2012 which prove there is a need for severe prison sentences for animal abusers.

Veterinary Inspectors’ Lawsuit for Mental Distress

Veterinary inspectors, who last year killed 46 healthy animals in Zagreb shelters and homes of their adopters, are  suing us for mental distress.

Tell My Storry, Friend!

In collaboration with Cakovec Animal Shelter we invited animal friends in Croatia to write their stories which will be published in a short story book.

Trim Fur Hurts Equally!

A popular Croatian singer, Boris Novkovic, supported our campaign “For Croatia without Fur” by joining our project “Trim Fur Hurts Equally.”

Cow Milk Dangerous for Health

During the current milk affair in Croatia where posinous substances have been found in the milk supply, we pointed out the  entire truth about the diary industry.

Legislators Betrayed Animals!

The Croatian government approved amendments to the Animal Protection Act, but the Ministry of Agriculture rejected all our proposals for amendments. Thus, the Act has become flawed.

News Flash

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