AnimaList No. 96

‘It is shameful that animals continue to endure painful tests for beauty products and toiletries sold in the EU. (…) I appeal to the EU Commission to ensure the full marketing ban is implemented in March 2013.’ – Chrissie Hynde

Appeal to the EU to End Cruel Cosmetics Animal Tests

We participated in an official hand-in petition No to Cruel Cosmetics event at the European Parliament in Brussels in October 2012. The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), gathered 250,000 signatures to end the sell of beauty products tested on animals within EU.

Network Against Animal Abandoning

Last month we held the 10th meeting of the Network Against Animal Abandoning with the aim to show good examples of animal shelters and also held a workshop for writing criminal charges.

World Vegan Day

On the occasion of World Vegan Day we organized a tasting of vegetal milk producs in Zagreb, a workshop on almond milk preparation and placed billboards. With this action we wanted to encourage the production and consumption of vegetal milk, and to warn about the risks linked to the unnatural consumption of animal milk. We also translated a short video by the nutricionist Laura Sands.

Are All Shelters in Croatia Going to Close?!

We warned the public about an alarming situation caused by unreasonable demands from veterinary inspectors, which has stopped the adopting processes of animals in Dumovec shelter. We demand authorities to allow shelters to work, conscientious work of veterinary inspectors, and accelerate the adaption of the new Rulebook for conditions in animal shelters.

We Need Your Help!

We sent an appeal for financial help to all our members, supporters, business partners and media representatives because of our bad financial situation. Everybody interested in helping us can donate to IBAN: HR2023600001101531137 or some other way. Thank you!

Life On a Chain isn’t Life

With the Zagreb band Picksiebner we launched the campaign “Life On a Chain isn’t Life“, placed ads and printed the same-themed leaflet. The goal of this campaign was to point out that animals are not supposed to be chained. We also published photos which show consequences of such treatment of animals.

Whom Adopting isn’t Cool?

In collaboration with the Zagreb Shelter for Abandoned Animals in Dumovec and the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry we held one more “Adopting is Cool” action. We appealed to the citizens not to buy animals but adopt them instead and pointed towards the big issue of lock-down of shelters by the veterinary inspection.

Osijek’s Association Victories Shelter Work In Danger?

After the veterinary inspection blocked the work of the Osijek shelter of the Association Victories we sent out a media release warning about the possible black scenario with catastrophic consequences. On behalf of more than 30 associations we sent an Open letter to the minister Jakovina, and we also invited everyone interested in saving Osijek and other shelters.

News Flash

  • We sent a report to the State District Attorney Knin for prosecuting those responsible for the torture and killing of a rooster during a wedding celebration.
  • We are organizing a tattooing event “Solidarity 269” in Croatia, an initiative started by three Israeli activists who branded themselves with a hot iron.
  • Petition against killing of animals in shelters and other petitions were signed on the humanitarian concert for Noah’s Ark, Interliber book fair and our stalls, and they will be also signed on Nov 27 on the exhibition of Marko Vucenik in Vip club.
  • From the news on our web site please check: a graph “Got Milk? You Don’t Need it.”, new petition Save the Saimaa ringed seal from extinction!,discounts for our members, wallpaper calendar for November and Ecover on the White List of companies.
  • On November 22 we joined the promotion of the animal rights album “Animal in Me” by a Croatian rapper and vegan IFEEL, which can be downloaded for free here.
  • Now you can buy the vegan Sante toothpaste in our web catalog. By buying articles from our web catalog you directly support our work.
  • The Art Gallery Gregoranic decided to help us with the sale of the artworks by Dimitrije Popovic in the period of Nov 20 to Dec 15, 2012. All our members and supporters get a 15% discount, while another 15% of the sold artwork will be given to our group as donation.

Thank you all for following our work and your kind support. We invite all of you who are just starting to learn about our work to check out ways in which you can help us in the left-hand section of this newsletter. By supporting our work you are helping animals and we need your support more than ever before. Thank you!

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