Top 10 Actions in 2013

Dear friends, members and supporters,

In front of you is an overwiev of our top ten activities and achievements from the past year in this Special Edition of AnimaList newsletter.

Feel free to write to us if you like better some other activities than those mentioned here – e.g. Scientists for Science without the Use of Animals, Vegan Danube Waves, A Fight for the Rights of the Oppressed Majority, Let’s Beat Diabetes with a Plant-Based Diet, Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist, Plant-Based Nutrition Lowers Blood Pressure! – or if you consider them more important and noteworthy. We look forward to your comments!

Once again thank you all for your support, for following us and participating in our activities!

All the best to all of you,

Animal Friends Croatia

Laws That do (not) Protect Animals

While the New Penal Code, which we helped create with our suggestions, moved towards animal protection by making the killing animals a punishable criminal offense, the Animal Protection Act became almost completely flawled after its adjustments with the EU legislation, if not for the amendments which were on our initiative recognized and accepted by the MPs.

Trim Fur Hurts Equally

A popular Croatian singer, Boris Novkovic, supported our campaign “For Croatia without Fur” by joining our project “Trim Fur Hurts Equally”, from our ads and a short video about the fur industry inviting Croatian public to dress compassionately.


Last year we marked Meatout with a vegan cooking workshop on Zagreb’s main square, as always in collaboration with Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM).

Everyone Together Again in Autumn!

Croatian TV host Igor Mesin and actor Rene Bitorajac supported our campaign last year called, “Family to the Seaside, Dog to the Street?” From the ads and postcards “With Granny or at the Seaside, by Autumn We Are Back Together!” they sent a message aganist animal abondonment.

We Hosted Will Tuttle in Croatia

We hosted Will Tuttle, author of the book “The World Peace Diet”, by organizing a well-attended lecture in the Hotel Esplanade Zagreb about the social and spiritual consequences of wrong eating habits.

Vegan Lunch with the President of Croatia

Before the ZeGeVege Festival, we organized, in collaboration with chefs from Vegehop, a vegan lunch in the President’s Office for President Ivo Josipovic and his collaborators.

Record-breaking ZeGeVege Festival!

The 6th ZeGeVege Festival was all-record-breaking with 75 exhibitors, 32 performers, five participanting countries, more than 80 media channels, two participating vegan restaurants who served hempburgers and kebab, a raffle with numerous prizes, free hairdos, tastings, lectures and workshops, a children’s corner, a 20-hour long stage program, and more visitors than ever before.

We Finally Moved into Our New Office Space

After a few months of long preparations, from moving our stuff from Gajeva 47 to Jurisiceva 25 in Zagreb to refurbishing the new space with the help of our members and volunteers, our new office finally became functionl in September of last year. Anyone interested is free to visit us with advanced notice by e-mail.

Animal Friends Days 2013

As part of Animal Friends Days 2013 we marked: World Vegetarian Day (Oct 1) by making a 15.20 m long vegan sandwich, World Day for Farmed Animals (Oct 2) with a video projection of “10 Billion Lives” in collaboration with FARM., and World Animal Day (Oct 4) by presenting 14 associations on the Zagreb main square and by participating on an event on the Bundek Lake (Oct 5) organized by the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry.

Adopting is Cool

Throughout last year, we collaborated on all actions associated with our “Adopting is Cool” campaign thus supporting the initiative of the Zagreb City Shelter for Abandoned Animals and City Office for Agriculture and Forestry, with which we also last year successfully realized a program for free or cheaper castrations.