AnimaList No. 93

‘We were ready for anything just not to kill him before they found out whether he was really ill or not. We would pay as much as we had to, only for him to get tested. They killed him in our apartment and the image of his body is still before our eyes.’ – Mirela Kvestak, a woman who adopted a dog killed by the Zagreb veterinary inspection

Emergency Aid for Animals

We joined the action “Adopting is Cool”, organized by the Zagreb City Office for Agriculture and Forestry and Shelter for abandoned animals in Dumovec. This time, the action focused on adopting of wounded animals and was joined by dogs from Noah’s Ark association.

The Death March of Zagreb’s Veterinary Inspection

In the affair in which three veterinary inspectors from Zagreb killed 46 healthy dogs and cats in the Shelter for abandoned animals in Dumovec, Noah’s Ark and at homes of their caretakers, we took the following steps:

Unfortunately, 46 dogs and cats became the innocent victims of the heartless and shameless inspectors who, beside the breaking the law on several accounts, continue lying to the Croatian public about doing everything by the book.
We still need your support and we ask you to sign the petition for the reform of the veterinary inspection. On our Facebook page please check the additional photos from the protest for the urgent reopening of the shelters.

Thousand Kilometers, Zagreb Stop

We hosted two bicyclist, volunteers of the Association Victories, who in the campaign “Thousand Kilometers for Countless Lives” on their way from Osijek tu Dubrovnik visited Zagreb. On Trg bana Jelacica they were welcomed by Milan Bandic, the mayor of Zagreb, and Emil Tuk, head of City Office for Agriculture and Forestry. Signing the petition to reform the veterinary inspection and for a ban on killing animals in shelters were organized there.

Let Adoption be Your Choice!

The face of this year’s campaign is the actress that plays the central character in the highly popular Croatian TV show “Lara’s Choice” with the dogs Mala and Toro, who send the message “Let Adoption be Your Choice!” from the billboards. Mala is still waiting to be adopted, while Toro, the smallest black puppy from the dogs kindergarten in Dumovec, was killed by the veterinary inspection in its recent death march. Please spread the message of homing and not abandoning animals and give tribute to all the innocent victims.

News Flash

  • We reported to the Croatian authorities about two brown bears held in captivity illegallybehind the restaurant Macola in Korenica.
  • We were on the Veganmania festivals in Graz and Vienna, and on July 7, 2012 we will also visit the Veganmania in Maribor, Slovenia.
  • We took part in the round table “Zagreb-Rabid City”??? where we pointed out the need to work in harmony in order to prevent such massacre of animals like the recent death march by Zagreb’s veterinary inspectors in the future.
  • On June 30, 2012 we participated on the Summer on Stros, where dogs from the shelter in Dumovec and Noah’s Ark were presented to the visitors. People who homed dogs got the vegan Ami dog food as a gift.
  • Interesting news on our web site: find Picksiebner & Ibrica Jusic in Video clips section, on the list of Fur Free Retailers and updates in the Restaurants section.

Thank you all for regularly following our work and supporting us. This time we specially thank all of you, known and unknown individuals, institutions, media representatives and authorities who helped us stop the killing of dogs and cats by veterinary inspectors and reopen the shelters Dumovec and Noah’s Ark. Without you, this would have been a mission impossible so once more – thank you.


Animal Friends Croatia