AnimaList No. 91

‘To deny an animal its right to self-determination, its right to live out its life as it chooses in its natural habitat, that is an aggression; it’s an aggression against the planet and all other sentient beings.’ – James Cromwell

Purebred Dogs are Victims of Abandoning too

In collaboration with the Zagreb City Shelter for Abandoned Animals and Zagreb City Office for Agriculture and Forestry last month we participated in the action ‘Adopting is Cool’ which theme was mass breeding and abandoning of “purebred” dogs.

Easter Demo in Zagreb

On Good Friday we held a demo in order to point out how male and female chickens are exploited and end up solely for human consumption. During the demo we handed out vegan cakes – without eggs – to passers-by. The demo was realized with the support of FARM Sabina Fund. You can find some Easter recipes here.

Changing Habits for the Preservation of the Planet!

On Earth Day we invited citizens to watch the film “Earthlings,” we prepared some brief ecological advice on changing their own daily habits which are actively involved in preserving the planet, and invited them to sign the petition to ban plastic bags. We also took part in the cleaning of one illegal dumping ground as part of the action Green Cleanup.

Blindness for “Beauty”

We marked the World Day for Animals in Laboratories with an interesting performance of the Draize Test and the screening of the documentary “Safer Medicines” in the Europe House Zagreb in collaboration with the European Movement Croatia and the Europe House Zagreb. During the action we handed out the White List of companies which do not test on animals.

News Flash

  • We sent a new letter to the Osijek mayor, demanding an urgent solution for the alarming situation of abandoned dogs in the Osijek area, once more asking the City of Osijek to terminate the contract with the convicted Veterinary station Vetam.
  • The Croatian Ministry of Agriculture has supported our Green Monday campaign. Its official web site is
  • To all interested schools in Croatia we sent a “Share the World” video and petitions against keeping dogs on chains. In the kindergarten Bajka we started with our educational visits with a dog.
  • On May 3 we were on the Green Day in Zabok, while this Sunday we will have a program for the youngest on the Zagreb Kindergarten Days on Bundek lake.
  • Please check our web site for “Tuck the Darkness In” by Bowerbirds and “The Time Has Come” by Louise du Toit in the Video Clips section and the new poll, while on our YouTube channel you can watch PETA’s short video “Wrong Meeting?,” “Earthlings,” “Midway” and the new recipe by the Vegan Black Metal Chef.
  • In our web catalogue you can find rubber brushes and brooms.
  • Also see the web site Vegan – Information about the healthiest of all diets and its effects on the world’s climate, the environment, animal rights and human rights, now translated into Croatian as well.
  • If you are in Zagreb, please join our demo against animal transport on May 26.
  • We already started with the preparations for the 5th ZeGeVege Festival on Sept 7-8, which will be organized as part of Veganmania, and if you are interested in participating, you can sign up at

Thank you all for following us on our web site, facebook and twitter and for responding to our pleas for your support. We invite all of you who are only starting to follow our work to check the ways how to help us in the left section of this newsletter. By supporting our work you are helping the animals. Thank you.

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