AnimaList No. 90

‘Abused animals are much like abused children. They hurt. They cry. (…) They laugh, they love. Just because they cannot express themselves in a way that the world can easily understand it does not mean they are dumb, unemotional and undeserving of normal life.’ – IFEEL, Croatian hip-hop musician

Fur Free Retailer

The Croatian model Petra Friganovic became the cover face of our new project “Fur Free Retailer”. Image Haddad, Hippy Garden, I-Gle, Mitt moda, Modna kuca Mak, H&M, Marks&Spencer, Esprit joined this project so far launched by the Fur Free Alliance (FFA), committing themselves that they do not and will not offer products of animal fur.

Green Monday at the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection

We thank minister Mirela Holy and the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection for their support to the Green Monday campaign by introducing solely meatless dishes in their restaurant on Mondays. The official Croatian web site of the campaign is

Melanie Joy in Croatia

On the occasion of publishing the Croatian translation of her book Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows: Introduction to Carnism , Melanie Joy visited Zagreb and Osijek where she held two press conferences, public lectures and workshops on carnism for activists. Her book can be also ordered through our web catalog.


This year too we marked Meatout in collaboration with Farm Animal Rights Movement – FARM, organizing a public vegan tasting and inviting citizens to prepare vegan dishes for their friends. The visitors of our stall almost fought over the offered dishes! Our Meatout photo gallery can be viewed here.

News Flash

  • On the occasion of the proposal of a new Police Law, we sent a letter to the head of the Interior Ministry, Ranko Ostojic, emphasizing the utter ethical and economic inadequacy of using horses in police work and demanding its withdrawal.
  • We participated on the 5th Grundtvig meeting in Manchester as a part of the Lifelong Learning Program of the Agency for Mobility and EU Programs.
  • We continued with lectures about animal protection and rights in schools and kindergartens.
  • We invite you to watch the animal rights video “Why I do It” by the Croatian vegan hip-hopper IFEEL, while IFEEL also invites you to participate in the making of his new video “Thank You.” For more information where to send your footage click here or visit his web site
  • Sellected news on our web site: PETA’s article on Aquafarming, photo of the month, the book Bear Sanctuary by Victor Watkins, petitions Save Yupi the Polar Bear and Trieste says NO to Animal Research Facility, while an interesting interview with Ellen DeGeneres is uploaded on our YouTube channel.
  • Our protest against animal transport is scheduled for May 26, 2012. For more information about our other activities please click here.

Thank you all for following our work on our web site, Facebook and Twitter and for responding to our pleas for your support. We invite all of you who are only starting to follow our work to check the ways how to help us in the left section of this newsletter. By supporting our work you are helping the animals. Thank you.

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