AnimaList No. 89

‘Never, never be afraid to do what is right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.’ – Martin Luther King Jr.

Black Chronicle 2011

With the beginning of 2012, we selected about 20 instances of animal abuse in 2011 in order to collect them in the Black Chronicle 2011, thus highlighting insufficient law enforcement as well as sanctioning of abusers, which once again proves the need of the formation of an animal police in Croatia.

Anti-Fur Demo in Zagreb

As part of the “For Croatia without Fur” campaign, we held a protest in front of the seven fur stores in the center of Zagreb against the wearing and sale fur. The photo gallery from the protest can be viewed ovdje.

List of the Most Cruelly Dressed

The list of the most cruelly dressed celebrities in Croatia (who wear fur), sent to all Croatian media is as follows: 1. Katarina Rautek, singer, 2. Marko “Cruel Cat” Grubnic, stylist, 3. Maja Suput, singer, 4. Indira Vladic, singer and 5. Vlatka Pokos, singer.

News Flash

  • Last month we visited classes of the elementary school Kralja Tomislava and the First School of Economics in Zagreb.
  • If you were wondering why Avon is no longer on our White List, please read it here. At the same time we urge you to buy products which are not tested on animals. The latest company to enter our White List, is a Croatian producer OPG Zejbek.
  • Following the media announcement about a chained dog who bit a five years old boy and was consequently brutally killed with an axe by the boy’s father, we sent out our reaction and launched a petition for a ban on chaining dogs in Croatia.
  • We invited people from Zagreb to feed the swans and wild ducks by the Jarun lake, while we asked the administration of this sports and recreation center to break the ice on the lake. We also alerted our readers to offer food and a warm spot to all freezing animals during the very cold days in our region.
  • As announcement for the publication of the Croatian edition of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows by Melanie Joy, Ph.D we posted the first video.
  • We reacted to an article in Croatian media about the abuse of animals in a Sydney slaughterhouse, which is not much different than in other parts of the world, Croatia included. A short footage about the animals in Croatia can be viewed at
  • As a part of the Network Against Animal Abandoning project we filed charges against As-eko from Sibenik over violation of the Animal Protection Act.
  • Once again we organized the regular gathering of vegan and vegetarian children and their parents.
  • New on our web site: Zoo Aqua Cvetko on the Black List of pet stores in Croatia, quotes of Croatian celebs on fur, the new poll on our home page…
  • Our YouTube channel was updated with the lecture on veganism by Gary Yourofsky, a short film about fur and Vegan Black Metal Chef.
  • Our next cooking workshop will take place on Feb 16 in our office.

Thank you for your continuing support at the beginnig of 2012. We invite those who only started to follow our work to become our members, donate, support our work by buying from our web catalog, follow us on facebook, twitter and YouTube by clicking on the images in the left column.

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