AnimaList No. 83

‘Well there was a time when we used to sacrifice goats but then we all became vegans so we’ve been sacrificing tofu before the shows!’ – Jared Leto, actor and frontman of 30 Seconds to Mars

NO to Cosmetics Tested on Animals

Together with the Croatian Idol Bojan Jambrosic we introduced in Croatia the new European campaign for the ban on marketing cosmetics tested on animals. The petition launched by ECEAE for the European legislation that exclusively allows the sale of cosmetic products whose ingredients were not tested on animals can be signed here.

Life Outside the Cage

For Easter we organized a food tasting in Zagreb for which not a single chicken was murdered. To our fellow townsmen we offered seitan-‘ham’, eggless Russian salad and sweets.

The World Peace Diet now in Croatian

In the edition of Dvostruka duga, The World Peace Diet – Eating For Spiritual Health And Social Harmony by Will Tuttle has been published in Croatia. It’s promotion took place in Zagreb and Rijeka and inspired the campaign ‘One Mother One World’, which we also joined.

Adopting is Cool

Together with the City Shelter for abandoned animals Dumovec we participated in the event ‘Adopting is Cool’, where their educational flyer called ‘Care for a dog’ was released and the mandatory microchipping of all dogs was pointed out. This flyer gives useful information about the proper coexistence of people and dogs, about vaccination, spaying/neutering, animal protection, and the importance of animal shelters and adoption programs.

Share the World

In collaboration with PETA, we have synchronized the film ‘Share the World’, to Croatian. This film is intended for the education of children in kindergarten and lower classes of elementary school. Dalibor Petko, Tamara Loos and Zlata Mück lent their voices here.

Marking the European Obesity Day

For the European Obesity Day in collaboration with the City Department of Health, Labor, Social Security and Veterans of the City of Zagreb we organized a tasting where some of Croatian plant-based food manufacturers and organic fruit and vegetable farmers presented their products.


– We reacted on the killing of a disabled bear by the hunter Nadan Vidosevic, president of the Croatian Economy Chamber, with the argument that it is wrong to kill animals for entertainment and sport.

– On Earth Day, April 22, with Voice for Animals we organized the first Eco-film Festival in Zagreb. On our stalls in the city center we collected signatures for the Land of Peace  in Germany.

– We were present at the Festival of Joy in Zapresic, where our Bag Monster handed out leaflets about the danger of plastic bags and invited to sign to petition for their ban in Croatia.

– We also joined the promotion of Heather Mills’ vegan products in Ljubljana, the two-day Vegan Mania Summerfestival in Vienna, and in the Fur Free Alliance and ECEAE meetings in London.

– Further we had info stalls at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, and we continue with our regular stalls in Zagreb, Split and Rijeka.

– Also we are actively working on the project Network Against Animal Abandoning. We will take part at the round table on legal obligations for the representatives of local authorities on June 7 in Zagreb.

– From the news on our web site please check out ZOO VILI on the White List of pet stores and the video Da Da Dam Paradise Oskar in White List of pet stores.

– We sent a letter of support to the Chinese association CARE for their activities and protest against animal fur at the Fendi Fashion Show in Seoul.

– The vegan Jared Leto and his band 30 Seconds to Mars will play in Croatia on the Mars Festival on June 10 in Mocvara/Jedinstvo in Zagreb.

– Anyone who wants to help us with the printing of the brochure A Critical Look at Animal Experimentation in Croatian can send us donations here.

– Thank you all for your support to our work with your kind donations, by becoming our member or by ordering merchandize from our web catalog. Some of our projects depend directly on your support, therefore we thank you in advance for your support, understanding and loyalty. During the summer months despite the long-awaited vacation our work will continue and we hope that also you will find time for the animals and their wellbeing.

Thank you!

Your Animal Friends Croatia