AnimaList No. 81

‘I take vitamins daily, but just the bare essentials not what you’d call supplements. I try to stick to a vegan diet heavy on fruit, vegetables, tofu, and other soy products.’ – Clint Eastwood

Fur is Stone Age Fashion!

Also this year we held our big anti-fur demo.On Zagreb’s main square we also prepared a performance which conveyed the message that clothing made of animals is stone age fashion and a primitive act. Their support to the protesters gave Croatian celebrities Luka Nizetic, Lea Dekleva and Fani Stipkovic. To see the photo gallery click here.

Campaign ‘I Love Animals’ Goes On

The campaign ‘I Love Animals,’ whose aim is the registration of the animal shelter Ianua and giving home to rescued farm animals who need lifelong care, carries on. Lush, with its program ‘Charity Pot,’ joined the campaign. By selling an exquisite vegan body and hand lotion the finances to build the fence for Ianua animal sanctuary will be collected.

Free Spay/Neuter Program for Stray Animals

In collaboration with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the City of Zagreb we agreed the Free spaying/neutering Program of abandoned dogs and stray cats. This project was presented at the press conference on February 18.


– We notified the Croatian public, Medjimurje County and relevant authorities about the killing of dogs by the firm Bioinstitut from Cakovec and Veterinary Station Prelog.

– To the Zagreb City Assembly we sent a demand for preventing the expansion of hunting grounds to outskirts of Zagreb.

– We also sent another demand for the ban on plastic bags to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction.

-We were present at the 10th anniversary of the Shelter for abandoned animals of the City of Zagreb in Dumovec. To all veterinary inspectors in Croatia we sent a note in order to bring their attention to the necessity and legal obligation of implementing the Animal Protection Act.

– After the successful promotion of the first Croatian video clip for the seals ‘The Hand Strikes Hard’ in Zagreb, another promotion was held in Rijeka on February 12.

– Couples in love were invited by us to spend their Veggie Valentine in one of the Croatian restaurants with vegetarian and vegan offer and that way spread the message of love not only to their beloved ones but towards all living creatures.

– On February 17 we joined the Vegan dinner in Maribor in the organization of the Slovenian group For the Animals! Representatives of the sanctuary for abused animals Ianua was also presented there.

– We invited the Croatian public to the premiere of the documentary ‘Kinofil’ the shocking story about dogs in the post-war Sarajevo. The premiere took place on February 20 in Zagreb’s theater Tuskanac.

– This month we did not have many news on our web site, but Sarah Brightman’s video clip ‘Deliver Me’ is certainly worth watching. You can also visit our Youtube channel where you can see the new video with Emily Deschanel from the TV show with Croatian subtitles by courtesy of PETA.

– Please join us, for only together we can help animals to get their rights and protect them from abusers. Besides becoming our member, you can support us with your kind donation or if you live in Croatia by ordering our merchandize from our web catalog.

Thank you!

Your Animal Friends Croatia