AnimaList No. 78

‘I’m sorry, pigs, that I did nothing to save you, that I couldn’t do anything to get you off that truck. But I promise you that I will tell ten thousand people about you, and help them open their hearts and minds to a new world where we can all live in peace, and people won’t eat you anymore.’- Zoe Weil, from the book Eternal Treblinka by Charles Patterson

Some Lie Dying

In order to draw public attention to the cruel reality of live animal transport on November 6 we organized a protest in Zagreb. The protest march started from Trg marsala Tita and reached Trg bana Jelacica where we enacted a performance in which our activists dressed as animals inside a transportation vehicle symbolically presented the suffering of animals on the roads of Europe. To see the photo gallery from the demo please click here.

Adopting is Cool!

We joined the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry and the Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City of Zagreb in Dumovec, which on November 20 on Trg bana Jelacica organized an action called ‘Adopting is cool!’. Children from the Zecici group at Bajka kindergarden, who were visited by the dog Curo, also joined the event showing what they have learned about the protection of animals through our educational programs.


– We reacted and sent reports because of the murder of three drogs by Mirka Matakovic, a driver of the Liburnia municipal bus in the place Diklo near Zadar.

– We participated in the workshop ‘NGO leadership and management’ on November 13, at the conference ‘The significance and role of the coordinator of volunteers’ on November 24 as well as at the workshop ‘Project cyclus management’ on November 27.

– Through the organized visit to the Shelter for abandoned animals in Dumovec, children from the elementary school Kralj Tomislav had the opportunity to see which are the consequences of human negligence and improper care for companion animals and why we need to adopt them.

– From the news on our web page please check the videos ‘Home and Dry’ by the Pet Shop Boys and ‘Raise Your Glass’ by Pink in our Video Clips section, new vegetarians and vegans in our Famous Vegetarians section, and the photo gallery about hunt.

– Pet Shop No 1 is the new Croatian store on our White List of Pet Stores which does not sell animals. You might want to check your local stores before buying food for your four-legged companions and also instruct your friends not to buy animals and give them as gifts. If you want to buy cosmetics, also pay attention to buy only products which are not tested on animals. The new company on our White List of companies is Experience luxury perfumes.

– Our Vrecko (a bag monster) continues leafletting about the damages of plastic bags after every eco performance ‘Viktor Puzekovic.’ We also continue with the campaign ‘For Croatia without Fur,’ while our future activities can be seen in our Calendar of Activities.

– In collaboration with the organization Voice of Animals we are organizing a protest against hunt. On Saturday, December 4, at 11 A.M. a protest march will start from Trg Kralja Tomislava.

– The new cooking workshop will take place in our office on December 7 from 5 to 8 P.M.

– The next socializing of vegetarian children and parents will also take place in our office on Decemeber 11 at 5 P.M. The nutritionist Mirna Trumbetas will join this meeting, and the word will also be about the introduction of vegetarian meals into public institutions.

– On this year’s 4th Festival of Creativity and D.I.Y. culture one of our activist will be there with her chains, jewelry, paintings and comics which promote animal rights. Her stall can be visited on December 18 in the lobby of the Student Center theater, Savska 25, Zagreb from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M.

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