AnimaList No. 77

‘Nobody gives us the right to torture, slaughter or wear another living being.’ – Band Set Sails

A Glass of Milk – A Glass Full of Suffering

On World School Milk Day, which representatives of the dairy industry marked on September 29 on Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb, we held a peaceful protest with chains around our necks holding banners, thus bringing the public’s attention to the distressed life of cows and veals and the unnatural and excessive consumption of animal milk. Please read our press release, see the photos and the short video footage.

Animal Friends Days 2010

Already the ninth year in a row we marked Animal Friends Days, reminding of the important animal protection and rights dates.

October 1 – World Vegetarian Day was marked with a tasting of vegan cheese and cream, veggie raznjici and sweets on King Tomislav Square in Zagreb. On our info stall we also promoted the music video ‘Why Must We Eat The Animals?’ by the artist Greg Cipes and Jah Sun.

October 2 – World Farm Animals Day was marked in collaboration with the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) where beside our info stall on King Tomislav Square interested people could peek through holes in a teint into the life of the most deprived Croatian animals by watching the short film Croatian Invisible Animals.

October 4 – World Animal Day was marked by the City of Zagreb on October 3 at Zagreb’s lake Bundek where we participated and helped with organization. The following day at our anti-vivisection info stall we handed out the White List of companies that do not test on animals, while in the evening Vedran Romac at the Mama Club held his lecture ‘Tale of a Happy Cow and a Carefree Calf’.

What’s Wrong with McDonald’s?

By publicly accusing the company which is responsible for bad treatment and death of millions of animals yearly, deforestation, exctinction of plants and animals kinds, dispelling local citizens and contributing to global warming, we organized street actions in front of five McDonald’s restaurant in Zagreb. Please read our press release and see photos from marking the World Anti McDonald’s Day, while our short video from the demos can be viewed here.

Not All Have Evolved

Together with the marketing agency Bruketa&Zinic which created the intriguing poster Not All Have Evolved we launched this year’s campaign ‘For Croatia without Fur’. The aim of this campaign and poster which has been placed around Zagreb and other Croatian towns is to show that fur is a shame and has nothing in common with fashion.

Network Against Animal Abandoning 

The eighth meeting of the Network Against Animal Abandoning was organized on October 23 at the Zagreb Public Forum. Participants of the meeting were representatives of local self-management, the head and the officials of departments and services of urban and municipal management, heads of animal shelters, veterinary inspectors, and other persons who contribute to the prevention of animal abandoning and work on their adoption.

Stop Violating Human Rights In Austria

On October 27 with For the Animals! we jointly organized a solidarity demo for the Austrian animal rights activists in front of the Austrian Embassy in Ljubljana.David Richter, one of the accused activists, also joined the demo. Find more about the violation of human rights in Austria here.


– On October 14 we held another cooking workshop in our office kitchen where attendants of the workshop learned, among other things, how to make seitan.

– We continue visits with the dog Curo in the kindergarten Bajka, and again we meet the children from the school group Animal Friends in the elementary school Kralj Tomislav.

– More than 7,000 students participated in this year’s competition Design Against Fur and herewith we would like to invite you to vote for your favourite artwork. Since the voting is open until October 31, please hurry to place your vote here.

– From the news on our web site we have Forest Whitaker on the list of famous vegetarians, songs ‘No More‘ by Youth Of Today and ‘Why Still Bother‘ by Itchy Poopzkid in our Video Clips section, the article ‘Vegetarians, and Proud,’ and advices on How to help animals in everyday fife. We also have the firm Aetrum on our White List, an on the list of Helath Food Stores.

– November 6 is the day when we organize our protest against live animal transport in Zagreb.

– For more information on our coming plans please visit our Calendar of Activities to stay up to date.

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