AnimaList No. 75

‘Animals want to live, live for their own sake. They don’t live for us, nor do we live for anyone else. Animals are not food, not a commodity, but individuals that I respect.’ – Albino (singer)

Tourists Missing the Vegetarian Offer

In order to warn about the lack of vegetarian offer in Croatia, both for native vegetarians and vegans as for the tourists who come from abroad, we prepared veggie tastings at Korzo in Rijeka on August 4 and 7. On Wednesday, we prepared various vegan meals from healthy and delicious seasonal vegetables and products of tofu and seitan, while on Saturday we offered four egg- and dairy-free pastries. Also, the petition for the introduction of vegetarian meals in public institution has been signed on the stalls.

Stop Political Repression!

Together with activists from the Slovenian group For the Animals! on August 6 by the Slovenian-Austrian border in Donje Dobrenje we held a solidarity demo for the indicted Austrian animal rights activists. Austrian activists are faced with up to five years in prison for using their rights of freedom of speech, freedom of opinion and freedom of assembly.

Sweden without Fur!

On the World Action Day against Swedish fur farms, August 13, we gathered in front of the Embassy of Sweden in Zagreb in order to provide support to the Swedish activists in the campaign for the ban on breeding of animals for fur in Sweden. Our representative handed a letter to the Swedish Ambassador Mr. Fredrik Vahlquist, appealing that Sweden should follow Croatia, Austria, the United Kingdom and Bosnia and Herzegovina and bring a ban on the breeding of animals for their fur.

‘Eco Experience’ of Zeljko Mavrovic’s Pigs

We sent photographs and footage from the pig farm of the ex-boxing champion Zeljko Mavrovic to the Croatian media, which show that so called eco or organic farming is a farse. Since Mavrovic’s pigs live in conditions which do not comply with rulebooks and regulations on breeding of animals, we sent reports to the authorities in charge. Photos and footage show that the pigs live in water and faeces. And it should not be forgotten that all animals are eventually slaughtered, no matter how they are bred.


– We are happy to inform you that both dogs from our campaign with the Croatian singer Marko Tolja are adopted. Talk show host Dalibor Petko adopted Vasi, while Frki arrived in a happy home of one family from Otocac. Thus the message was sent again: don’t shop – adopt!

– For this newsletter we would like to single out the following news on our web site: Articles ‘Botox – Animal Cruelty for a Questionable Beauty‘ and ‘“Humane” Farming – an Oxymoron‘, Jamiroquai in the Video clips section, and Tomar in the section Stores.

– On Saturday, August 14, we gathered in the Internet club SublinK in Zagreb where we tasted new Croatian products called Vegetazija. There will be similar events in months to come.

– Besides our info stalls in Rijeka which have been on Wednesdays and Saturdays during August, we were also in Osijek on the Panonian Challenge from August 19-21. In September we continue with our Wednesday stalls in Rijeka, while we start again with our stalls in Zagreb on Fridays and Saturdays.

– The lecture by Dr. Craig Sommers about the secrets of a longevity, vitality and health will take place in the Europe House Zagreb on August 31. There we will also be present with our info stall.

– This is the last announcement and invitation to our ZeGeVege Festival which will take place on Zagreb’s main square on September 17 as part of the campaign Green Monday.

– For updates on our activities please visit our Calendar of Activities. Many protests, actions, tastings and other events are awaiting us.

– If you live in Zagreb and would like to help us in our work, feel free to get in touch. Also we are always happy to get help for the English proof-reading of our website.

We thank you all for your pecious support. Those who only recently found us and want to support our work can do so by joining us and paying their membership-fee to our organization, by volunteering or with a donation in kind, money or service. If you live in Croatia, you can also purchase from our web catalogue.

With best regards,

Animal Friends Croatia