AnimaList No. 72

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.’ – Elie Wiesel, writer and Nobel laureate

‘Be Above Cruelty’ Now also as Film!

After billboards and the information leaflet with the list of companies that do not test on animals, for the campaign ‘Be Above Cruelty’ with the Croatian singer Bojan Jambrosic we made the first film in Croatian against experiments on animals. The promotion of the film and the campaign launch took place on April 19 in Europa theater in Zagreb, while on this occasion Bojan got support from many visitors and friends from public life. The photo gallery from the film promotion can be seen here, while the film is available on our YouTube channel. We thank PETA and BUAV for providing their undercover photographs and video footage for this film.

40,000 Hens Await Death of Starvation!

After receiving a call from workers on strike, we visited the farm Brezovica and managed to document the horrors chickens and hens experience in the firm Poljoprerada. Starving hens are pecking each other, ‘screaming,’ and walk over each other, while dead bodies of animals are scattered everywhere. Since this is a direct violation of the Animal Protection Act, Veterinary Law, a whole series of relevant regulations as well as Criminal Law, we have filed misdemeanor and criminal charges against people in charge in Poljoprerada, seeking punishment of those responsible. The photo gallery of the chickens can be seen here, while the film shot on a farm Brezovica is also available on our YouTube channel.

Humane Education

On World Day of Animals in Laboratories, April 24, we represented InterNICHEhumane education with a performance on Zagreb’s King Tomislav Square. InterNICHE offers practical support to teachers to replace animal experiments and encourages students to defend freedom of choice concerning their learning methods. Together with the InterNICHE network, we will promote ethical methods in education throughout Croatia and demand an education that does not include torturing and killing of animals. In accordance with that we will send examples of non-animal educational methods to universities all over Croatia and we invite all interested students and professor for collaboration.


– Our animal rights activist Nina Coric sang flamenco on April 24 in Zagreb BP Club. With her performance she also expressed regret that Spain, a country of flamenco, still supports and holds the cruel bullfighting.

– The fourth lecture from the cycle ‘Tales from the Plate’ titled ‘Tale of a Happy Cow and a Carefree Calf’ took place on April 29, while his last lecture ‘Can We Do Better? Or Rather, Do We Want to Do Better?’ from the same cycle Vedran Romac will be on May 27 in the Cultural Information Centre, Preradoviceva 5, Zagreb.

– We have responded and condemned the trapping from nature and capturing of the endangered human fish, whose ‘visit’ is organized at the Zagreb Zoo from April 17 till June 20, 2010. We also reacted on the introduction of horses in the police forces, considering it as an act against animal protection principles and as an inappropriate way of solving conflicts.

– On the occasion of the visit of the Canadian prime minister to Croatia, we sent to Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor and President Ivo Josipovic a request to influence Prime Minister Stephen Harper to stop the slaughter of seals in Canada.

– From the news on our web site please check the links VegVine, 2010 College Veg Pledge,Animals/ and Many Fingers One Fist, the new book Living Vegan For Dummies by Alexandra Jamieson and the basic information about the Network Against Animal Abandoning.

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– We have two new brands on our White List of companies which do not test on animals: Elementals by J. and Miraculum uxor.

– After the recent convention of our activists in SublinK Internet cafe, on Saturday, May 8, was also the meeting of our activists and volunteers on which we agreed our further plans and activities.

– Except on our regular info stalls, we will also be present at the Healthy Diet Fair in Osijek on May 29 and in Zagreb on June 5. For more information about where you can find us in the coming months and what we are preparing, please visit our Calendar of Activities.

– This year the ZeGeVege Festival will take place on September 17 on Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb, so you are welcome to mark this date in your callendar and visit us there.

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