AnimaList No. 70

‘The man is an incredibly strong animal: he ate all the other animals around him, and he is eating himself too…’  – Miroslav Krleza, the Croatian writer

Bojan Jambrosic’s Call for Compassion

Bojan Jambrosic, a new Croatian music star, joined forces with us in order to bring attention to the animals killed for experiments and call for the purchase of products not tested on animals. The shooting for this campaign took place in a dilapidated urban ambiance of ‘rocket’ skyscrapers in Zagreb and was realized in collaboration with photographer Marina Filipovic Marinshe, stylist Ivan Friscic, Zvonimir Franic who was responsible for Bojan’s hairstyle and makeup artist Lisa Jericevich. Billboards will be released in April.

List of the Most Cruelly Dressed

Following the example of organizations abroad, for the first time we have compiled a list of most cruelly dressed Croatian celebrities whose style show environmental unawareness and lack of compassion towards animals bred, captured, tortured and killed for wantonness of fashion, which is not actually a fashion. On the first place of the most cruelly dressed list is the stylist Marko Grubnic alias Fashion Tomcat or rather Cruel Tomcat. To see the entire list of the most cruelly dressed, or to give your vote or suggestion, please click here.

Children of People for Children of Seals

For six years in a row we have protested in front of the Canadian Embassy in Zagreb against the slaughter of seals and crime against nature. This year’s protest was held on March 15 at 12 noon and, beside our activists, thirty students from the elementary school King Tomislav in Zagreb joined the protest. With their arrival, the children under the slogan ‘Children of people for children of seals’ appealed to compassion and a final ending of the killing of seals.

Marking of Meatout

This year too on March 20 we marked Meatout by holding info stalls and tastings in eight Croatian towns: Zagreb, Cakovec, Karlovac, Koprivnica, Osijek, Rijeka, Slavonski Brod, and Sisak. We marked it together with the Voice of Animals association, presenting the citizens the variety of vegan specialities such as vegan kulen sausage, seitan, tofu, veggie salami, tasty vegetable sauces and plant-based milks. Meatout was started in 1985 by FARM – Farm Animal Rights Movement.


 – On February 25 Vedran Romac held the second lecture in the Cultural Information Center (KIC) inZagreb called ‘Tales from Your Own Faeces’ from the series of lectures ‘Tales from the Plate.’ His new lecture ‘Wings that Will Never Spread’ will be on March 25, also in KIC.

– We sent a report to the Veterinary Inspection in Nova Gradiska against the 31-year-old from Magic Mala who beat a two-month-old puppy with fists and kicked him with his feet to dead.

– We also sent a report to the Municipal State Attorney’s Office in Sisak and the Veterinary Inspection in Sisak against Djuro Bugarin who in his veterinary station in Sisak according to the information we got tortures and kills animals with a shotgun.

– The web site ULOVI.HR started an unusual social and humanitarian action of raising funds for ourorganization! All interested could bid for an intimate dinner with model and TV presenter Fani Stipkovic and Danijel Delale, editor of the most viewed local show Red Carpet. Awaiting the beginning of the charity auction, on the same evening on March 10 in the poular FLY!Bar, an ULOVI.HR cocktail hour was held on the occasion of the presentation and launch of this project. We thank everyone who participated in this auction and thus helped animal rights.

– On March 10 we participated in the meetings of the committee for the compilation of a Rulebook for stores that sell companion animals and on March 15 the Regulation on labeling of dogs both at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development.

Among the news on our web site please check out new web links, a new book on our home page, a new poll and a new video by Rise Against ‘Give It All’ in the Video Clips section.

– Our colleagues from Animal Friends in Serbia from Novi Sad after their action in front of McDonald’s also marked Meatout, while our colleagues from Animal Friends in Bosnia and Herzegovina hold a protest against dog fights and violence to animals in the center of Sarajevo.

‘The Cove’ movie, in which Richard O’Barry, who helped us in a successful campaign against the dolphin captivity in Croatia appers, won an Oscar this year in the category ‘best documentary.’ It talks about an elite team of activists, filmmakers and divers who go on a mission in a specific bay in Taiji, Japan, where more than 23,000 dolphins are killed each year.

 – Victoria Boutenko will give a lecture in Zagreb about vegan raw food on March 24 at 6 P.M. in the Europe House Zagreb in Jurisiceva 1.

– Design-students who wish to participate in the international Design Against Fur competition organized by the Fur Free Alliance are eligible to apply until Friday, March 26 and send in their artworks until April 9.

– On March 27 at 7 P.M. we are having a party in the SubLink Internet club whilst on April 3 at 4 P.M. we have the meeting of activists and volunteers in our office in Gajeva 47.

– After years of faithful work, our car, a Skoda Felicia is counting its last days. We ask all who can afford a donation to deposit a loan so we can buy a new car in order to help us, to continue with our work, such as regular stalls in Zagreb and actions in other Croatian cities.

Please help us in our work with your advices, your membership, by volunteering or through your donations. Only together we can continue with our regular activities for the animals.

Best regards and until the next reading,

Your Animal Friends Croatia