AnimaList No. 62

‘Prevention is always better than cure and, when you think of all those innocent lives at stake, it is clear that spaying/neutering animals shows responsibility, and only this way we can save them from dying. I think that we should act more responsibly towards our companion animals and we also shall not forget all those other cats and dogs that are awaiting our help.’ – Ivana Kindl, Croatian singer

Fish are not Swimming Vegetables

‘Captured’ in fishing nets, our activists symbolically demonstrated the suffering of fish, holding a performance on July 10 in Split. With this action we wanted to show not only that fish are sensible beings with the ability to feel pain just like humans, dogs, cats, and other animals, but also that fishing devastates our seas and ecosystems and that eating fish is not healthy.

For Science without Animal Experiments

We marked the fourth Day of Fighting Animal Experiments on July 21 in Zagreb, on the very same date the 32 beagles were rescued from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb. We also collected signatures for a ban on primate experiments in Croatia and handed out the Black & White List of producers of cosmetics and cleaners. By marking this year’s Day of Fighting Animal Experiments, we joined the appeal of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments’ (ECEAE) to urge the newly elected MEPS to prioritize the replacement of animal experiments and to promote a modern humane science policy.

Ivana Kindl and Woody in the campaign: Spaying and Neutering Save Lives

Croatian celebrity Ivana Kindl and her neutered tomcat Woody joined our campaign for the education of guardians about the responsible treatment of their companion animals. On billboards and City Lights posters all over Croatia, Ivana sent out a clear message that spaying and neutering of companion animals and strays plays an important role in preventing overpopulation of unwanted dogs and cats, which always results with a huge number of abandoned animals.

News and Announcements

– The European Commission finally approved in vitro Methods for REACH which replaces cruel skin irritation test. During these tests various chemicals were applied to the shaved skin of rabbits, mice, dogs, and other animals in order to monitor painful reactions in animals. The alternative is an in vitro method using skin donated from human volunteers.

– In the news section on our web site please check the new video clips 8 Foot Sativa, Albino, Dritte Wah, and Velvet Acid Christl and also please sign the petition for replacing animal testing. There as well you can read the report about journalists who were attacked and arrested whilst the Namibian seal hunt and the new position of the American Dietetic Association.

– Soon we will have a Croatian edition of the book Speciesism by Joan Dunayer.

– If you have not done yet, please visit our YouTube channel as soon we will update it with new interesting video footage. Do not forget about our other web projects too.

– There is one new company on our cruelty-free list: Lavera; to see the complete list of the companies which support non-testing animal policy please click here.

– During August you can visit us at our info stalls in Rijeka.

– We changed the date of our ZeGeVege Festival. Instead of the originally announced October 3, the ZeGeVege Festival will take place on September 18 during the European Mobility Week.

– While you are escaping from heat towards the sea, rivers and lakes, do not forget about animals who cannot tolerate the heat either, just like you. Leave them bowls with water where they can reach them and thus sooth their thirst and refresh themselves.

– If you are willing you can help us in our work with your kind donations or by volunteering such as by translating or proofreading and many other ways. If you feel enthusiastic, just contact us by e-mail and we can see where and how we can employ your precious help. Of course, you can also support our work by paying your yearly membership fee and get your member card.

At the end we would like to express our gratitude for your support and wish us all further great summer holidays for may we all after the summer continue with our actions for the animals with the same enthusiasm.

Yours Animal Friends Croatia