AnimaList No. 58

“I am sometimes asked ‘Why do you spend so much of your time and money talking about kindness to animals when there is so much cruelty to men?’ I answer, ‘I am working at the roots!'”- George T. Angell, founder of the Massachusetts SPCA

Dogs and Cats are on Fur Coats too – Big Anti-Fur Protest

The theme of this year’s big anti-fur protest which we organized on February 28 in Zagreb was a ban on the import of dog and cat fur in Croatia. About 200 participants from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, and Austria gathered on the protest. Luka Nizetic, one famous Croatian singer and Eurovision candidate 2006, joined the protesters on the main Zagreb’s square where we held a performance on liberating ‘animals’ from cages. In order to express our thanks to the protesters, we invited them to our office where we treated them to beans and vegan cookies. Here you can see a short video from our protest.

Seal Slaughter – Olympic Games’ Tarnish

On March 14 we held a protest and performance against the seal slaughter in Canada in front of the Canadian Embassy in Zagreb. The protest was aimed at the Olympics in Vancouver 2010 and its boycott unless Canada stops killing seals. We used this opportunity to invite all of you to write to the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee and demand that they help bring an immediate end to the seal slaughter. You can send your letter here.

Dump Meat for a Reason on the Occasion of Meatout

This spring too our group marked Meatout, organizing a Health Food Fair on March 21 on the main Zagreb’s square. Ten Croatian producers of health food presented their vegan products to the numerous visitors of the fair. The Health Food Fair was announced by billboards and City Lights posters ‘Smart People Do Not Eat Carcinogens.’ This event was supported by FARM.

Design Against Fur

– This year too the Fur Free Alliance and Animal Friends Croatia organize an international student design competition Design Against Fur. Besides posters, students are also invited to design a creative and impressive animation for the International Animation Contest, which sends the important and compassionate message that wearing fur is cruel and unnecessary. The entry deadline is April 17 and the winners will get valuable prizes.


– On April 5 we are organizing a gathering of vegetarian and vegan children with their parents in our office.

– On the grounds of animal abuse, we sent a report against the Equestrian club Equus Cabalus from Varazdin, Croatia to the veterinary inspections.

– We supported our colleagues from the Slovenian group For Animals! on their March 7 protest in Ljubljana on the ban on raising animals for fur in Slovenia.

– LiceGuard is the new company on our cruelty-free list of companies; for the complete list click here. To see the list of pet shops in Croatia which do (not) sell animals, please click here.

– In the news section of our web site, please visit the photo gallery of our anti-fur protest in Zagreb and new video clips.

– If you want to put our/Animal Friends banner on your personal web page or blog, you can use our new banners which you can find here.

– If you have a fur coat or fur garments, you can donate them to our group for our performances through which we want to educate the public about the cruelty of the fur industry. For other ways of helping us please click here.

– If you want to participate in the protest against the Running of the Bulls and bull fights on July 5 in Pamplona, Spain, please get in touch with PETA and visit their web site Croatian participants can contact us for more information.

– This time again we would like to invite you to contribute to the construction of the first shelter for abused animals in Croatia. Your personal contribution in building a sanctuary for abused animals by on-line donation will be highly appreciated.

– By becoming our member you can also help those who cannot defend ourselves. You are most welcome to join our small community of almost 3,400 animal advocates!

We thank you for your continued support and we ask you to stay with us in our future activities for animals.

Animal Friends Croatia