AnimaList No. 57

‘People daily need to be informed and reminded of the horrors which are done to animals for the needs of fashion industry. There is no justification for fur, instead of being silent about it we should loudly say NO.’ – Luka Nizetic, Croatian singer

Network Against Abandoning Animals

Animal Protection ActMore than 40 organizations from 28 Croatian cities gathered on the fourth meeting of the Network Against Abandoning Animals on January 24 at the HDLU house in Zagreb, in order to give the representatives of the associations an opportunity to establish their demands to state and local authorities.

Luka Nizetic in ‘For Croatia without Fur’ Campaign

Luka NizeticAt the moment the most popular singer in Croatia and Eurovision Song Contest candidate 2007 Luka Nizetic, joined our ‘For Croatia without Fur’ campaign, which aims to stop the killing of animals to satisfy the needs of the fashion industry. With the slogan ‘Say No to Fur Now and Forever,’ Luka has undressed for billboards and City Lights posters which were set up in Zagreb, Rijeka, Osijek, Varazdin, Sibenik, Dubrovnik, Pula, Djakovo, Slavonski Brod, Velika Gorica, Labin, and Zadar. Credits for the visual arrangement of the billboard go to Viktor Drago. Dusko Vlaovic is the author of the photo. The promotion and presentation of the campaign ‘Say No to Fur Now and Forever’ was held on Tuesday, February 3, and at Zagreb club Gjuro 2. On the press conference Croatian celebrities Fani Stipkovic, Ivana Kindl, Jelena Radan, Lea Dekleva, Meri Jaman, and Anita Valo gave support to their colleague Luka.

Shopping without Free Bags

Since January 31, 2009, the Spar Market became the first commercial chain in Croatia to abolish free plastic bags for ecological reasons. We expect that other commercial chains will soon follow the example of Spar, which has demonstrated great ecological awareness by launching this initiative, appreciated by many of its customers.

Actions Against Fur in Karlovac, Osijek and Slavonski Brod

Fur stinksOn Thursday, February 12, we enacted a performance entitled ‘Fur Stinks’ on Karlovac’ promenade, the aim of which was to invite citizens to condemn the killing of animals for fashion and glamour and join us at the large international anti-fur protest that will take place in Zagreb on February 28. The same day we held a lecture about ‘cruel fashion’ with video footage in the local Youth Center.

Similar performances were also staged in Osijek and Slavonski Brod with great support of local people. The people of Osijek also attended the lecture about ‘cruel fashion’ with the video footage ‘Veni Vidi Vegani.’

News and Announcements

– Sarajevo- Our activists gave support to activists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia participating in local anti-fur actions in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (January 30) and Maribor, Slovenia (February 7).

– Besides the regular stalls on Fridays and Saturdays in Zagreb now also there are stalls in Split and Varazdin where signatures are being collected for ongoing current petitions.

– We sent a reaction on the article ‘Kindergartens without Vegetarians’ in Glas Podravine newspaper, refuting statements that vegetarianism is not suitable for children.

Bag Monster- We visited a Zagreb’s kindergarten ‘Future’ with our bag monster to explain the children why plastic bags are dangerous for our environment and the animals.

– We also visited students of the school-group ‘Animal Friends’ from the Zagreb elementary school King Tomislav and talked to them about our campaign ‘I Love Animals’ and the sanctuary for abused animals.

– Once again we would like to invite you to contribute to the construction of the first shelter for abused animals in Croatia. Your personal contribution in building a sanctuary for abused animals by on-line donation will be highly appreciated.

Anti-fur protest- Also allow us to once more invite you to join us in the big anti-fur protest that will take place on February 28 in Zagreb. More information about the protest can be found here. Also you can join us in the anti-fur demo in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on March 7.

– On March 14 we will gather in front of the Canadian Embassy in Zagreb to proclaim that the baby-seal massacre must end and a ban on seal fur import into the EU must be implemented.

– On April 5 we organize the socializing of vegetarian children and their parents so the families can become acquainted and exchange experiences.

At the end we want to thank you for your continued support and remain yours very truly,

Animal Friends Croatia