AnimaList No. 54

‘As we talked of freedom and justice one day for all, we sat down to steaks. I am eating misery, I thought as I took the first bite… and spit it out!’ – Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize Winner

Did Your Hamburger Have a Face?

On the occasion of World Anti-McDonald’s Day and World Day of Food, on October 16 on Korzo in Rijeka we organized a public event against this multi-national company that has been accused of crimes against animals, huge damages to ecology, exploitation of child labour, serving unhealthy food, and sustaining global starvation. Our activists brought a veal head in front of McDonald’s in order to show that hamburgers do not grow on trees, but had their bodies, faces, and eyes.

Protest Against Live Animal Transport

On the first protest against live animal transport in Croatia, which we organized on October 20, 120 protesters gathered. A long and loud protest march ended with activists climbing into a transport truck to point out the everyday suffering of sentient beings in the roads of Croatia and Europe. We thank the animal welfare organization WSPA for their support and everyone who took the time to raise their voices for animals in transport. The photo gallery from this protest can be seen at

News and Announcements

– The judge Zorislav Kaleb dropped charges against Snjezana Rukavina and Luka Oman on November 5 after the criminal procedure instigated by Antun Brkic because of alleged lies and disturbing rumours. The veterinarian Brkic conducted experiments on beagles at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine three years ago.

– On Saturday, November 8, we organized a third gathering of the Croatian Network Against Animal Abandoning on which animal protection groups and shelter managers participated in order to help improve the unenviable situation regarding the homing of abandoned animals in Croatia.

– We have a new branch that was founded in Vukovar. It opened its door to everyone who wants to get involved in work for animal rights and protection.

– Priroda lijeci is a new company on the Croatian White List. Click here to see the complete list of companies which do not test their products and ingredients on animals.

– We held info stalls in Vukovar, Split, Rijeka, and Zagreb, and there will be more stalls according to our schedule which can be seen here.

– Please sign a petition ‘Consumers For a Fur Free Society’ at

– The voting for DAF – Design Against Fur is open to public.
You can vote at The gallery of artworks of Croatian students is exhibited until further notice at the Faculty of Graphic Arts.

– Bernard Jan has published two new novels in Croatian about animals – the first one describes his life with his tomcat while the other one is the third edition of the book that covers the current topic of the Canadain seal slaughter.

– We uploaded new videos on our Youtube channel: ‘Veganism’ which you can see at and ‘Some Lie Dying’ at

– We are organizing a Veg Sausage Fest in Zagreb’s City Center One on November 20. It will present various types of sausages, salamis, and frankfurters made exclusively from plant-based ingredients. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste the sausages and to participate in voting for the best one.

We thank you all for your continued support! Hopefully you’ll stay with us until the next issue of our newsletter!

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