AnimaList No. 51

‘Meat consumption destroys the climate more than the transport sector. Europeans eat far too much meat and the consumption of animal products must urgently be reduced.’ – Jens Holm, the Swedish MEP

Support for the Implementation of the Animal Protection Act

Animal Protection ActA demonstration in support of the implementation of the Animal Protection Act was held on July 12 as an urgent response to the shocking situation all over Croatia, including the alarming conditions of existing shelters, the lack of new ones, and the obligations of these shelters left to groups of volunteers and regular citizens. Representatives from more than 20 animal protection groups from 19 Croatian cities attended this demonstration.

Ban Plastic Bags

Ban plastic bagsWe sent a demand for the banning of the sale of plastic bags to the state secretary in the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction, Nikola Ruzinski, and to the vice president of Environmental Protection Committee and the member of the Croatian Parliament, Mirela Holy. A ban on plastic bag distribution would reduce the accumulation of manufacturing waste, reduce the impact this waste has on the environment, and preserve the raw material used for production. Millons of animals would be saved from deaths that result from the ingestion of these bags and from becoming entangled in them.

Open Doors at the Shelter for Abandoned Animals

Shelter’The Shelter for Abandoned Animals Open Doors Day’ event was held in order to encourage people to adopt abandoned animals and to visit the Shelter for abandoned animals of Zagreb in Dumovec. Among the visitors to the information stalls were Gala Svilan, who is this year’s star of the campaign ‘Family to the Seaside, Dog to the Streets?!,’ chief secretary of the Zagreb City Department for Agriculture and Forestry Emil Turk, and the mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandic. The City Department for Agriculture and Forestry of the City of Zagreb in cooperation with our organization and the Association of Animal Welfare Organizations – SUZA organized this event.

Support for a Ban on Primate Experiments

Ban Primate ExperimentsOn the third anniversary of the liberation of the beagles, we marked the Day of Fighting Against Animal Experiments with an event ‘Support a Ban on Primate Experiments.’ With this event, during which two ‘primates’ were held captive in a cage and which took place on July 21 in Split, we wanted to bring the suffering of primates in laboratories into the spotlight and thus call upon the Croatian public, politicians and relevant authorities to legally ban all experiments on primates in line with the efforts within the European Union.

Animal Friends on YouTube

YouTubeWe opened our own channel on the Internet portal YouTube in order to make short educational movies about animal rights, vegetarianism and ecology available to the general public. They have been translated with Croatian subtitles. Our YouTube channel currently has 28 movies. All movies are also available on DVD in three compilations and are copyright free.

‘The Livestock Industry and the Climate’ Report Published in Croatian

Livestock Industy and ClimateThe shocking and alarming report ‘The Livestock Industry and the Climate – EU Makes Bad Worse’ by the Swedish MEP Jens Holm and journalist Toivo Jokkala was presented to the public in the Croatian language. This report investigates the impact of the continually increasing consumption of meat on climate change and the role the EU plays in it. A complete report in English can be read in pdf format at


– Following the case of the drowning of exotic venomous snakes in a toilet at the Faculty of Science in Zagreb, we reported Zoran Tadic, assistant professor, to the Veterinary Inspection.

– Once more we reacted to the neglect of animals on the cattle farm BIO FARMA d.o.o. owned by Ivan Hudoletnjak. The entire report about the conditions on the farm can be read at

– Additional towns that gave their support to the microchipping of all dogs in Croatia are Buje, Kastav, Samobor, Krk, Bakar, Rovinj, Novi Marof, and Hvar. The total number of Croatian towns which support this initiative is now 63.

– Please visit us at our information stalls in Rijeka (Aug 11), and Pula and Porec (August 12). For more information check out our Calendar of Activities.

– Since the summer days are getting hotter and hotter, please remember animals who are exposed to high temperatures and leave them bowls of fresh water where they can easily reach them.

Thank you all for your continued support, and with regards and with the hope that you will, in spite of the long and hot summer days, join with us in our actions for animals,

Your Animal Friends