AnimaList No. 49

‘[Animals] are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time…’ – Henry Benston

Visit to Benkovac Shelter

Following the outcry of the dog-keeper at the shelter Benkovac together with the NGO Lunjo i Maza we pursued this case where 100 dogs were held under irresponsible neglect. Upon finally visiting the shelter it was found that 60 dogs have disappeared. Some died of starvation, thirst, infection or cannibalism, for others there is no trace. Rumors spread they have been sold for hunting and illegal dog fights. You can see report with photos from Benkovac at

Obligation of Microchipping Left to the Cities’ Decision

We held an event for the mandatory microchipping of all dogs on June 3 in Zagreb in collaboration with the Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City Zagreb and the Zagreb Info Pet Center. The mayor of Velika Gorica Mr Tonino Picula was also present, speaking of mandatory microchipping in his town. At our info table citizens could sign the petition for changing the Regulation on the Identification of Dogs. Following the example of Velika Gorica, Pozega also decided to implement mandatory microchipping of all dogs, while other newly joined cities which support this campaign are Zlatar, Benkovac, Djakovo, Otocac, Glina, Solin, Krizevci, Ogulin, Sinj, Bjelovar, Delnice, Garesnica, Kutina, Vodice, and Zabok.

Abolition and Moral Progress

In collaboration with PETA we launched a new web site It speaks about the permanent ties between animal and human rights. In combination to the presentation of this web project, Dr. Steve Best, the Associate Professor of Humanities and Philosophy, University of Texas, gave an interesting talk in Cultural Informative Center in Zagreb.

News and Announcements

– We sent a letter to the Australian Embassy in Zagreb and Australian Prime Minster Mr. Kevin Rudd, protesting against the suffering caused by Australia’s live export trade.

– In the past two weeks we were guests at the Veganmania in Vienna and the World Environment Day Festival in Graz, where we also grabbed the chance to express our solidarity with our imprisioned Austrian colleagues from the organizations VGT, Vier Photen, VGÖ, and BAT.

– This year too we invite our members, activists and everyone interested to join in the work for animals and their rights at our veggie-picnic on June 21 at 3 P.M. at the Jarun lake in Zagreb.

– Stay tuned to updates on our web site in our New on the Web homepage section.

– After the good response following our first workshop, we invite to the next one ‘Your opportunity to act: Introduction to activism – part II’ for our old and new members on June 28 in our office.

– The Himalayan yogi Maharishi Swami Dev Murti will hold a lecture on June 26 at 6 P.M. in the Cultural Informative Center in Zagreb on the subject Ethics of Diet.

– The European Union will soon decide about the legal ban on trade of seal fur. Now more than ever before it is important for us to tell the MEPs that the citizens of Europe do not support the killing of seal pups in Canada. This is why we invite you to an international demo in Bruxelles, July 1. The Zagreb coach is almost full so please hurry up with your registration.

At the end allow us to thank you for all your support! We wish you all the best with hope that you will also stay with us in our future actions for the animals.

Your Animal Friends