AnimaList No. 48

‘The fate of animals is of greater importance to me than the fear of appearing ridiculous; it is indissolubly connected with the fate of men.’ – Emile Zola

Our Daily Waste

This years’ Earth Day, April 22, we marked as by being part of the Eco-market organized by the organization Green Action, where we provided information about the ecological advantages of a vegetarian lifestyle and the necessity of recycling.

The Hidden Victims of the Laboratory

World Day for Laboratory Animals, April 24, was marked by setting up intriguing billboards in the center of Zagreb. The billboard was also presented on the information stalls in Split, Zagreb, and Slavonski Brod. Furthermore, we had actions in order to demonstrate the cruelty of skin irritancy test. The billboard ‘Because Nobody Deserve This’ was realized in collaboration with the Czech group Svoboda zvirat.

Procter & Gamble Test on Animals

We also marked the Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day with event against Draize test in Rijeka on May 15. On May 16 and 17 we had info stalls in Zagreb on which we showed a video footage of animal experiments and handed out the leaflets with the White and Black List of companies which do not/test on animals.

The World Vegetarian Week in Croatia

The World Vegetarian Week, was another event we marked. It was this year celebrated for the first time from May 19-25, by organizing tasting of vegan hot-dogs. Those vegan hot-dogs could be tasted in Osijek and Zagreb, while more vegan tasting were organized in Slavonski Brod and Split. The World Vegetarian Week was also marked by the media, who covered our events and reported about a vegetarian and vegan diet.

News and Announcements

– Together with Zagreb Association of Animal Welfare Organizations – SUZA we demanded an implementation of the Regulative on Dangerous Dogs and legal prosecution of the owner of the pit-bull who killed a Maltese dog and seriously injured his owner in the very centre of Zagreb.

– We sent a letter to Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) in regard to two broadcasted features as a part of the information program, which in an unsuitable way reported about the torture of animals which are by the law protected species.

– We sent a note to the Indian ambassador in Zagreb in which we expressed deepest concern regarding the request from the Himachal Pradesh government for the long standing ban on the exportation of non-human primates from India for research to be lifted.

– We sent another letter to the MEPs and politicians all over Europe with arguments why the killing of seals cannot be humane. We also asked them to support the initiative in the European Union for the ban on trade in seal products.

– Sisak and Zapresic also joined the campaign for the mandatory obligatory microchipping of all dogs. The number of towns to support this campaign is now 22.

– Our representatives with the Croatian-German actress Dunja Rajter and German TV station ARD will visit Benkovac shelter, which for weeks already is shocking the international public.

– After protests against the seal slaughter in Ljubljana and Zagreb, our next protest will be in Brussels on July 1. We are going by coach on June 29 and will return to Zagreb on July 2.

– Argital and Rituals are the new companies on our White List of cruelty-free companies.

– At the Jarun bycicle tour on Sunday, June 1, we had an info stall on which we announced our ZeGeVege Festival, which will be on Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb on September 20.

– We invite you to mark the first Day of Activism for animal rights in Croatia on June 7.

– An info-evening for vegetarian mothers-to-be, children, and parents will take place in our office on Sunday June 8 at 4 P.M.

– The quota for the second turn of cooking workshop is reached, and applications for the third turn will soon begin.

– We invite you to the promotion of the new web site and the lecture by Dr. Steve Best, which will take place in Zagreb Cultural and Informative Center, Preradoviceva 5, on June 13 at 7 P.M. For more information please check our web site.

– Each Monday from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. we have Open doors for all members and other interested people who want to learn more about animal rights, a vegetarian diet or simply want to consort and come to know each others better.

– We also invite you to a picnic for activists which will happen on Zagreb lake Jarun on June 21. For other activities please visit our Calendar of Activities.

We thank everyone who supported our activities and we invite you to also join us during the summer months. Only united we can make positive changes for the animals.

Your Animal Friends