AnimaList No. 45

‘If only God had made the animals so they all cried out when they are suffering, it might be a different world. Something so simple could mean so much less agony.’ – Alex Pacheco

Animals Want to Live as Much as We Do

On the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s holidays, on our info stall on Christmas Eve we laid a festive table on which all plates were empty except for one with a piece of meat on it. That way we illustrated the direct connection between eating animals and the problem of hunger in the world. We also handed out leaflets and Christmas cards, while visitors had an opportunity to taste festive dishes made without animal ingredients.

I Also Have the Right to Live, Just Like You

At the beginning of January we put billboards with a lamb saying ‘I also have the right to live, just like you’ in the center of Zagreb. Billboards were put to show that awakening of New Year should also be the awakening of consciousness towards animal suffering and our own diet.

Croatian Citizens About Animal Rights and Vegetarianism

This month we published the results of the public survey on what Croatian citizens think about vegetarianism, wearing fur, punishing animal abusers, or experimenting on animals. The survey, which consisted of 18 questions, was conducted by Spem Communication Group Zagreb.

Petition for Dolphins

By sending a request to the Nature Protection Directorate at Croatian Ministry of Culture – with many other groups joining us – and launching a petition, we continued the campaign ‘Croatia – Dolphin Friendly Country’ for the ban on dolphin captivity and establishing a permanent dolphin reserve at Mali Losinj.


– We resolutely condemned the act of hunting and killing animals on Christmas with participation of minister Kirin, when some seventy hunters gathered from all over Croatia to kill seventeen boars.

– Thinking about animals who were freezing in front of the Zagreb cathedral and who listened to the bangs of fire-crackers on Christmas, we appealed to all citizens of the Republic of Croatia to give up on fire-crackers and shooting, having in mind what effect it has on the psyche and sensitive hearing of animals.

– We warned about the increased number of abandoned animals which is the result of mass ski holidays, and once more stressed the necessity of urgent legal obligation for microchipping of all dogs and severe penalties for those who abandon animals.

– We resolutely reacted on yet another exploitation of tigers for the purpose of personal gain and sent a written protest to the Nature Protection Directorate against the owner for bringing a tiger in front of the night club. At the same time, we asked for the resignation of the veterinary inspector Branko Zbodulja, for issuing a permit to expose the tiger in front of the night club Jungle.

– Prompted by the announcement of selling cloned animal meat in the European Union, we expressed our concern because of such decision and pointed out that Croatia should clearly say no to such intentions and rather turn to the advantages of the meat-free diet.

– We reported to the police a 38-year-old Zagreb citizen who went to the police by himself and admitted that he was shooting at dog with a slingshot near the Municipal Court building.

– Dog Curo and our activists visited Zagreb kindergarten Bajka with which we collaborate on education of children about animal protection. We will continue collaborating with other kindergartens as well about the projects which do not include buying animals by kindergartens.

– We visited Grad mladih (The Youth Town) in Zagreb and held lectures about the animal protection for the children of first to fourth grades of elementary schools. Children responded very well and showed interest for the information about protection of wild and companion animals.

– From news on our web site we would like to bring your attention to the great report The Livestock Industry and the Climate – EU Makes Bad Worse by Jens Holm, Member of the European Parliament and Toivo Jokkala, editor-in-chief of the Animal Rights Sweden magazine Djurens Rätt. We have also many new links to other web sites in our Links section and the new book The Joy of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau in our Literature section.


– The European Commission wants to hear your attitude towards the seal hunt before reaching a final decision on the ban on trade in seal products.
You can find the questionnaire at

– Our Split branch organized on January 15 a projection of a documentary ‘Sad Eyes, Empty Lives’. The visitors of the projection could also sign a petition for the closure of the Split zoo. The new projection of a documentary ‘1994’ will be on January 30, also in the club KOCKA.

– A protest against the Chinese fur industry and the import of dog and cat fur into Croatia will take place in front of the Chinese Embassy in Zagreb at 12 noon on February 13.

– On February 23, the Animal Friends coach will leave from Zagreb to participate at the anti-fur demo in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The protesters will also express their support for the EU ban on trade in seal fur.

– We would also like to announce a big international anti-fur demo in Zagreb, which will take place on March 15 on the World Day of Protest Against the Slaughter of Seals. Please spread the word about it and feel free to join us!

In the end we would like to thank everyone for all help of any kind provided in the last month, and would like to invite those of you, who are able to, to also join us in the one or other way in the next months. There are many projects, demos, and we can always need help with the proofreading of English texts as we try to maintain the English version of our website. Nothing can be done without the help of our supporters!

Thank you and best regards,

Animal Friends