AnimaList No. 37

‘They say that exhibiting (dolphins) has educational value, but the only thing it teaches is the fine art of human cruelty.’ – Richard O’Barry, former dolphin trainer for the RV show Flipper

Europe Against Experiments on Primates

After Animal Friends Croatia in July last year called upon people from all over Croatia to answer a questionnaire by the European Commission, in December 2006 the results of the European Commission’s public consultation on the ‘Protection of Animals used for Experimental and other Scientific Purposes’ were finally published. Thus, 50% of respondents believe that the level of welfare and protection of animals used in experiments within the EU is very poor, while over 70% of respondents belive the use of non-human primates in experiments is ‘certainly not’ acceptable.

‘For Croatia Without Fur’ Campaign

After the campaign ‘For Croatia Without Fur’ started with billboards saying ‘Beautiful Without Fur’ showing the attractive Croatian model Fani Stipkovic, the campaign successfully continued with an anti-fur protest and a performance in Zagreb and Rijeka, as well as a performance in ITD Theater in Zagreb.

– Loudly For Croatia Without Fur

On February 3, the third in a row big protest ‘Loudly For Croatia Without Fur’ took place, which was supported by 250 loud protesters and the Croatian celebrities Fani Stipkovic, Lana Klingor, Ivana Radovnikovic, Maja Vucic, Minea and Davor Masle. The noisy protest march, also supported by guests from Slovenia, Austria and Poland, for almost two hours occupied the center of Zagreb.

– EkS-scena For Croatia Without Fur

The campaign ‘For Croatia Without Fur’ was also supported by EkS-scena through a benefit performance called ‘Creating Eve’ by the co-author of the initiative OOUR. The performance which was held on February 5 in the ITD Theater was realized in cooperation with the Student Center’s ‘Kultura promjene’.

– Global Day of Action Against Chinese Fur Industry

As part of the Global Day of Action against Chinese Fur Industry, in front of the Chinese Embassy in Zagreb a protest took place on February 13. This was just one of many protests against the killing of cats and dogs for fur which took place on that day all around the world. Animal Friends Croatia calls for the ban on import and sale of dog and cat fur in Croatia. This would be another step towards building an ethically conscious Croatia without fur.

– Fur is Dead

As part of this anti-fur campaign Animal Friends Croatia went also to Rijeka at the Croatian seaside, where on March 2, in the shopping mile ‘Korzo’ at the Republic of Croatia Square a performance was held against the killing of animals for fur so as to show that even the smallest fur garment hides in it suffering and death of animals. AFC activists walked down the Korzo, dragging ‘blood-soaked’ fur coats on chains and showing video images of animals on fur farms.

Let’s Save Wilbur’s Friends

On the occasion of the movie’s premiere of ‘Charlotte’s Web’ by Gary Winick on February 4 in the multiplex cinema CineStar Zagreb, Animal Friends Croatia activists handed out leaflets and stickers asking guests at the premiere to be compassionate to animals. Animal Friends Croatia’s info stall was visited by Croatian celebrities Zlatan Zuhric Zuhra and Hamed Bangoura, whilst Internet surfers can win 5×2 tickets for this movie on AFC web portal

Animal Friends Croatia in a Carnival Parade

Thirty-seven activists and supporters of Animal Friends Croatia, along with activists from Slovenia, Austria and Italy participated in the first international anti-fur demo in Slovenia. The ‘Carnival protest’ happened on February 17 in the Slovenian capitol Ljubljana. More than 150 protesters gathered at this historical protest which was, as the closing part of the annual Carnival parade, watched by more than a thousand of Ljubljana’s people and received huge media coverage.

Aquapark Yes, Dolphinarium No!

Since plans for the construction of a dolphinarium are against the Animal Protection Act, which prohibits all use of wild animals in entertainment, as well as against Croatia’s efforts to protect marine mammals, Animal Friends have written to the City Council of Vodnjan, asking that the dolphinarium plans should be completely erased from the project of the future aquapark.A dolphinarium is one of the cruelest ways of using wild animals and a disgrace for Croatia. Therefore its construction should be condemned. This is why Animal Friends Croatia invites everyone to sign the protest letter which can be found at

News and Announcements

– February 6, On the festival ‘New Territories – Scotland’s International Festival of Live Arts’ in Glasgow, Scotland, artist and Animal Friends Croatia activist Robert Franciszty held a performance about the Black List of companies which still conduct cruel animal experiments and the White List of cruelty-free companies which do not test their products on animals.

– February 8, Animal Friends Croatia organized a lecture with video projection and vegan tasting in the Youth Club Perestrojka in Kutina. The lecture titled ‘How to be an Animal Friend?’ was about animal rights and a non-violent diet as well as past and future AFC actions and campaigns.

– March 2, Within the framework of the Bookfair of Independent Publishers in Rijeka, Animal Friends Croatia promoted the book by Charles Patterson, ‘Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust’, which presents abundant evidence and historical facts showing that crime against humanity has its roots in crimes against animals.

– March 2, At Lamparna in Labin, Animal Friends Croatia gave a lecture on ‘How to be an Animal Friend?’ presenting the new Animal Protection Act and promoting animal rights activism and vegetarianism. The visitors had the chance to try some vegan specialties so as to become acquainted with this ethical, ecological, and healthy style of diet.

– Do not forget to read the newest issue of Testing Times newsletter of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments, which is also being translated into Croatian by AFC volunteers and e-mailed to Croatian scientists and interested individuals.

– Animal Friends Croatia is a co-sponsor of the international petition for the Greenland Sled Dogs. We invite you to help us end this cruel cultural heritage with your signature at

– Animal Friends Croatia sent a letter of demand to the veterinary inspection of the City of Zagreb regarding ineffectiveness in solving the case of confined cats in the basement of the New Zagreb building.

– There are lots of new articles, petitions, photos, etc. on the AFC web page, and we invite you to check them in the section ‘New on the Web’.

– Animal Friends Croatia is looking for a person or a company to arrange the fund raising of Animal Friends Croatia and seeks volunteers for the work on collecting the information for the Veggie Guide.

– The Campaign ‘For Croatia Without Fur’ continues with a protest against the seal slaughter in Canada. The protest in Zagreb will take place on March 15 in front of the Canadian Embassy, Gjure Dezelica 4 Street, at 11 A.M.

As always, the last lines of our e-newsletter are dedicated to our thanks to all of you who supported us in our activities in the past period, either by coming to our protests or helping financially or by volunteering. We invite you to stay with us in our future efforts for the animals and their rights.

Until next time,

Your Animal Friends Croatia