AnimaList No. 30

The past month was marked with many cases of animal abuse and killing in Croatia, but also with the first parliamentary reading of the Animal Protection Act proposal. This new act is supposed to sanction such cases in the future with bigger penalties and the possibility of prohibition of acquisition of a new animal for abuser who is sentenced for the second time. In the new issue of AnimaList we are introducing you to a thought of Joselito ‘El Gallo’ about our wantonness and entertainment. Before he was killed by one of his bulls, Joselito said: ‘Bullfighting is grotesque pantomime and passionate holocaust!’

Against Killing of Whales

Zagreb citizens readily responded to the big international campaign by signing a petition against whaling and in support of Croatia entering the International Whaling Commission (IWC), organized by Animal Friends Croatia (AFC) and World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). Exhibiting a natural-sized whale on the main square in Zagreb on May 11, AFC pointed out that whaling is a global issue, for each year about 2,000 whales are killed by cruel methods which cause slow and painful death. Ten whale species can be seen in the Adriatic Sea, with two of them being native species. According to the latest information, Croatian parliament gave a green light for Croatia to join the IWC. This will significantly help Croatia’s efforts in protecting whales in the Adriatic.

Blind in the Name of Beauty?

On May 20, the Global Day of Action Against Procter & Gamble, AFC joined more than 150 protests by staging a visually impressive demo and inviting the public to boycott companies which, to test cosmetics and cleansers, do not give up on blinding, poisoning, painfully harming and killing animals. Passers-by were shocked to learn about the so-called Draize eye irritancy test, during which chemicals are dripped into rabbit’s eyes, thus causing infection, bleeding, damaged cornea, and blindness. Because of huge interest for a list of products that are not tested on animals, which was handed out at the demo, we are planning to organize similar educative actions in other Croatian towns as well.

Animal Protection Act in Croatian Parliament

Parliamentary groups of leading parties and MPs unanimously agreed on May 25 at the first Animal Protection Act reading that breeding of animals for fur should be banned in Croatia. MPs are also for the most part unanimous that proposed time limit of 30 days, after which dogs in shelters can be put down, is not acceptable and should be significantly longer. With great expectations we are waiting for the second reading (plausibly in autumn) when new regulations should be implemented into the final version of the Animal Protection Act of Croatia.

Going Veggie While Anticipating Summer

An info stall and tasting of soy products set on June 3 made the citizens of Croatian town Rijeka curious, so they reached out to our activists for information on advantages of a vegetarian diet. Later on the same day, the citizens of Pula could enjoy the richness of vegetarian food in Vege Club, where a video projection about ever growing vegetarian movement was shown.

For the Ban of the Massacre of Bulls

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organized 17 protests in Europe and the US against bloody bullfights and bull runs in Spain. AFC held a figurative demo on a cold and rainy day in front of the Spanish Embassy in Zagreb, requesting from Spain to outlaw this primitive practice. Those who oppose bullfights can also this year take part in the Human Race in Pamplona.

News & Announcements

– Embittered by inefficiency and indifference of top executives in Croatian town Karlovac about the horror in a town pound where untreated dogs die in suffering every day, AFC asks for an urgent change of concessionaire and active participating of responsible people in city authorities on a permanent solution of the stray animals’ issue.

– After the AFC reaction because of not solving the strays issue in Dalmatian town Sibenik, city authorities started to collaborate with a local society Dalmatiner, which for years has already been fighting and trying to help the abandoned companion animals in Sibenik. We expect that the first animal shelter is going to be built in Sibenik and a project of caring for abandoned animals soon to be made.

– A hunter, who on May 7 in Varazdin shot from close range a two year old dog Korina during her walk, was charged with a misdemeanor. Korina was killed some 60 meters from her guardian who was calling after her while holding another dog on a leash. The dog had a collar and was less than 300 meters outside the town limits, which hunters use as an excuse for killing innocent animals according to the ridiculous Article 55 of Croatian Hunting Law.

– We marked the World Vegetarian Week by handing out 10,000 soy chocolate puddings in Zagreb, Varazdin and Split. The same week we also participated in two lectures and debates with video projections about vegetarianism at which lectured physicians, along with representatives of religious organizations and the two Croatian sportsmen Sasa Moric and Zeljko Mavrovic. The similar lecture will be held on June 21 in Zagreb’s multimedia club Mama.

– AFC sent a report against Pero Begic for shooting a mongrel from his yard in Slatina on May 27. The dog was walking in the street less than 20 meters from his guardian.

– Ms Ankica Marasovic, a DA in town Sinj, proved that Croatian judicature can excellently function even when sanctioning of animal abusers is in question. Namely, at the end of May she filed a suit against 10 hunters because of criminal offence of animal torture in which she proposed a penalty of 30 average daily incomes for defendants. The hunters tied six roosters against the poles and were shooting at them from hunting guns for 20 minutes.

– Dubrovnik is the 29th Croatian town which on June 2 banned circuses with animal acts! You can send a thank-you note to a mayores of Dubrovnik Ms Dubravka Suica at

– Vegetarian and animal rights activist Morrissey, ex-singer of the British band the Smiths and today a successful musician, will hold a concert in Zagreb on July 6. Morrissey says that every day he reads letters from his fans in which they tell him how the song ‘Meat is Murder’ changed their lives and made them kick their meat habits.

– We invite you to read the May edition of Testing Times newsletter and get an update on animal experimentation issues in the EU from the ECEAE.

– On the occasion of a tragic death of a two year old child, who died from severe bites of his dog on June 8 in a small town Blaskovci some 40 kilometers from Zagreb, AFC appeals on everybody to stop treating their animals as toys and to take it very seriously when they care for them. Reaching a decision to get a dog should not be made at the spur of a moment, but should rather be considered as a lifelong obligation.

– Please sign a petition for saving the Natural and Cultural Treasures of the Pelegrin Peninsula on the Island of Hvar, Croatia.

– In order to exchange experiences and have fun over vegetarian barbecue and spark future activism for animal rights in Croatia, AFC will organize a picnic for the activists on Zagreb lake Jarun on June 17.

The number of tortured and killed animals in various fields of human activities is frighteningly high and it reaches billions of victims every month. This fact keeps us going on, together with all of you who support us and help us in our fight and work for those who cannot help themselves.

For the animals, as always,

Your Animal Friends Croatia