Animalist no. 251

Adoption is Cool – “Unwanted Paws”

The “Adoption is Cool” event, named “Unwanted Paws,” took place on March 23rd at Zagreb’s Ban Jelačić Square. Visitors could get useful information about the importance of spaying and neutering dogs and cats to prevent irresponsible caretakers from killing or abandoning their unwanted offspring.

Easter with Tasty Vegan Meals

Before Easter, we reminded everyone that it can be celebrated without cruelty to animals. Many of our holiday habits are not at all in the spirit of peace, love, and compassion. Therefore, this holiday season is a perfect opportunity to learn about the benefits of plant-based food and explore dishes that are equally delicious and less harmful to the environment, cheaper, and no animals will suffer for them.

Tragedy for the Adriatic

On the occasion of the World Day for the End of Fishing, we drew attention to the devastating effects of fishing on the health of the planet and the ultimate goal – a worldwide fishing ban. We also reminded that two months ago, the Ministry of Agriculture extended the approval for the trawl fleet until the end of 2026, to the detriment of the entire Adriatic Sea.

Horror in the Center of Split

After the police announced finding 67 dogs and two wolves at one location in Split, we pointed out that all indications suggest that these are dogs used for fighting. There were unequivocal signs of numerous violations of legal regulations on the property and the dogs, which directly affects the welfare and health of animals. Therefore, we requested urgent and comprehensive action from the veterinary inspection, as well as the State Attorney’s Office, to establish the facts and impose sanctions.

Split Urgently Needs to Build a Shelter

The burning issue in the case of breeding dogs for fighting in Split is where to accommodate such a large number of dogs. It is necessary to provide adequate care for them, considering that they are highly traumatized animals to which the provisions of the Dangerous Dogs Ordinance apply. We sent a letter to the Mayor of Split requesting the urgent construction of a shelter.

4th March for Animals!

We reminded everyone that animals have almost no protection from humans, and legally speaking, they are just things. In anticipation of the March, we listed 35 reasons, although there are more, why everyone should join the March for Animals. Even actor Goran Višnjić, in an emotional video, called on everyone to join the loud crowd. Before the March, we held a gathering and a workshop for making banners, inviting everyone to attend. At the March, we read our demands for a better animal protection.

World Stray Animals Day

April 4th marks World Stray Animals Day, highlighting the importance of responsible care for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals that people have chosen as family members. Croatian shelters receive over 10,000 abandoned, mostly dogs, annually, with the number of cats unknown.

Prison for Abandoning Animals

At the beginning of the month, we reported that amendments to the Penal Code had entered into force, bringing long-awaited positive changes in animal protection. Abandoning a pet, domestic or wild animal, has become a criminal offense that is reported to the police or municipal state attorney’s office. The penalty is up to one year in prison, or up to two if abandoning resulted in the death of an animal or if a larger number of animals were abandoned.

Calling on Parties to Improve Animal Protection

Before the parliamentary elections, we addressed the political parties participating in the election race, urging them to emphasize animal protection in their actions. We called on them to forward the invitation to their candidates to get involved in important initiatives to improve the status of animals. We particularly emphasized the importance of legal and institutional changes that would strengthen the position of animals and ensure their protection.

Flash News

  • We have sent a letter to the State Inspectorate regarding the registration of animal breeding activities.
  • We reacted to cases of removing crow nests in Zagreb.
  • We responded to photos of musician Boris Rogoznica riding an elephant and pulling its trunk during his trip to Thailand.
  • We hosted students and teachers from the 1st to 4th grades of IV. High School and introduced them to the work of our association and its most important activities. We showed them educational films and talked about how their everyday actions can change the world and decide the fate of animals.
  • Join us for the presentation of Suzana Marjanić’s book “Cetera animantia: from ethnozoology to zooethics” on April 23, 2024 (Tuesday) at 8 p.m. in the Literary Club Booksa (Martićeva 14d, Zagreb).
  • We held our last evening stand of the winter season.
  • We praised the municipality of Trnovec Bartolovečki for not granting permission to the Candy circus, which uses animals.
  • We have sent a reminder regarding the report of abused horses in Karlovac.

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