Animalist no. 245

Plant-based Meat on Barbecue, Cultivated Meat on Screen

On October 10, we celebrated the Plant-based Burger Day. On the occasion, Mateij Negovetić grilled plant-based meat on the barbecue, whereas a short film on the development and benefits of cultivated meat was screened on a large screen.

International V-Label Award Finalists

Over 230 products have been nominated in three categories of the International V-Label Award, and 15 finalists have been selected in each of those. More information on V-Label is available at, including a list of Croatian manufacturers and their licensed products.

Animal Farming Uses Enormous Amounts of Water

We celebrated World Food Day which helps raise awareness and stimulate action in relation to those suffering from hunger. In the light of this year’s theme “Water is life, water is food,” we drew attention to the fact that animal food production requires significantly more water than plant-based food production which also results in much lower water pollution.

Students Offer Vegan Dishes to Classmates outside Student Centre

On October 19, vegan students organised a degustation of vegan dishes that they themselves would like to have an opportunity to enjoy at student cafeterias. Moreover, the students conducted a survey on introducing vegan meals and gathered signatures for a petition to introduce vegan meals in all public institutions. Click here for photos.

Don’t Send Pets for Slaughter!

Following numerous enquiries from concerned citizens, we sent a memo to the Minister of Agriculture on the fate of pet pigs. We deeply regret the death of all animals so far and appeal to the authorities to exclude pet pigs from the current measures in place, that is all pigs which are currently not intended for breeding or slaughter. We believe they should be subject to similar control measures as in the case of dogs, such as isolation, compulsory micro-chipping, and registration in the pet registry Lysacan.

Dog Spaying and Socialisation Prevent Attacks

Following recent dog bites and attacks on humans, we reiterate that the solution lies in preventative measures that should be stipulated in the new Dangerous Dog Ordinance. Those include spaying, training and a socialisation test for certain strong dog breeds and their crossbreeds. Such measures can reduce dog bites and prevent uncontrolled reproduction.

Help Stray Cats by Spaying Them

On October 28, the “Homing Animals is Cool ” event took place at the Zagreb central square. Participating exhibitors shared useful information with the visitors on the importance of cat spaying and setting up feeding stations. We stressed that feral cats must not be relocated but spayed and returned to the place where they were found. Organised feeding stations for cats should be defined at the local government level.

Let’s Cover ourselves in Colours of Compassion

On World Vegan Day celebrated around the world on November 1, several Croatian cities were decorated with vegan flags, while green, blue and white colour were projected on the Meštrović Pavilion and the fountains outside the National University Library in Zagreb. Read the invitation by event ambassador Marija Omaljev and watch Marko Samardžija and Ivana Martinec’s inspirational video.

Inhumane Implementation of African Swine Flu Suppression Measures

We wrote to the Minister of Agriculture for a second time to inform her that we had been contacted by residents from Slavonian villages outraged by harsh treatment of animals transported to slaughterhouse following the government’s order on supressing African swine flu. Although the animals in question are being transported for slaughter, we demand observation of minimum welfare standards for pigs transported to slaughterhouses, in accordance with current legal provisions.

Link between Food and Environmental Protection

The Food Wave – Empowering Urban Youth for Climate Change project, organised by the OAZA Joyful Kitchen vegan restaurant and Zagreb City Council, is currently taking place aiming to educate youth on the link between responsible behaviour and diet. The project is set at the OAZA Joyful Kitchen (9 Pavao Radić Street) dining hall, and our colleague Dominica Firšt will hold a lecture today at 17:30 on Comparing Different Types of Diets and Their Impact on Climate Change. The entry is free, and visitors can expect a tasty snack treat.

Cat Salem is Looking for a Home

We are taking this opportunity to introduce you to a charrrrrrrrrrming purrer and cuddle ball called Salem! Find out more about him here. His favourite pastime is to purr in someone’s lap, he loves attention and kicking a small ball. Help us share his story and find him a perfect home!

Flash news

  • We were invited as guests on the Briefing show where we talked about animal abandonment, abuse, and relevant penalties.
  • Read our complaint and reminder regarding requested supervision of the Candy Circus in Croatia.
  • We were guests on Media Service where we spoke about animal abuse and the issue of lenient penalties.
  • We requested supervision by state inspection over the family Bizik zoo.
  • We were guests on Radio Nacional where we discussed animal abandonment, and the importance of rehoming and spaying animals.
  • Take part in the performance event on International Animal Rights Day on December 12, 2023. Fill in a registration form here.
  • We discussed World Vegan Day on Z1 Television.

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