Animalist no. 244

Student Survey on Vegan Meals

We conducted a survey on introducing vegan meals in student restaurants and cafeterias in student dormitories. The aim was to gather students’ opinions on the need to introduce vegan options regardless of their choice of diet and to better understand their habits and wishes. If you know any students, encourage them to join the survey and support of this valid campaign.

Shocking Reasons Behind Horse Beating

In the aftermath of horse abuse near Karlovac, we reported on reasons behind horse torture. It is part and parcel of regular “preparation” for heavy trunk logging, called šlajs or štraparijada in Croatian, where only a lift of the hand by the owner causes a conditioned reaction by the horse which, fearing beating, pulls the heavy weight far beyond its physical capabilities.

Informed Belgian Public of Resident Dog Rapist Among Them

We have reported on statute of limitations in the case of infamous Ivor Ivanišević who raped his two dogs over a period of six years. On this occasion, we sent a memo to corresponding animal welfare organisations and leading media in Belgium to inform them that in their midst freely lives a person who has been sentenced twice in Croatia for a horrible crime against dogs.

Slaughtered Farm Animals Surpass 90 Billion This Year

On World Farm Animal Day we pointed out that, the increase in number of animal deaths directly impacts ever increasing devastation of our planet and related climate change. The latest data on land animals farmed and killed for food reveal devastating figures: every year a shocking 92.2 billion land animals are slaughtered, not taking into consideration marine animals whose losses are counted in tonnes. Learn more on how to help at

Inspection Approves of Horse Abuse

Following reports of horse abuse, we filed a complaint against the perpetrators and sent a memo to the State Inspectorate demanding to inform all veterinary inspectors not to grant permission for such cruel competitions. Horse logging is already illegal as it represents a breach of a number of legal provisions from the veterinary medicine and animal welfare sphere.

Sign a Petition to Ban Horse Logging

On World Animal Day on October 4, together with the Animal Welfare Network, we launched a petition to ban horse-logging. We ask you to sign and share the petition.

Flash news

  • We gave an interview on regulations and laws in Croatia that need to be improved.
  • We held a 2nd meeting of animal shelters for abandoned animals.
  • We took part in the public debate on the Ordinance on Conditions and Means of Pet Keeping in Velika Gorica.
  • We commented on the case of the lion cub found in the street in Serbia.
  • We requested supervision of the Bizik family zoo by veterinary inspection.
  • We made a statement for Slobodna Dalmacija daily newspaper on vegan meals in public institutions.
  • We featured on Z1 channel on the topic of vegan diet.
  • We invite male and female students who wish to help us on the Vegan Meals for All Students campaign to get in touch at

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