Animalist no. 243

Go vegan to Save the Oceans and the Planet

Lidija Lijić, Guinness record holder for highest altitude free-dive has warned that the marine world is being progressively impoverished, with the marine life in a critical condition. She emphasised it is time to raise awareness, educate oneself and initiate change. Lidija features on the billboards we displayed across Croatia inviting all to go vegan to save seas, forests, and the planet.

World Day for the End of Speciesism

The 26th of August was World Day for the End of Speciesism. Speciesism is discrimination based on species; this means that some species are still exploited for all purposes as humans believe to be above the basic animal rights. We reiterated that, as research shows, animals too are sentient and subject to suffering. Subsequently, we invited all to choose vegan as the ethical option.

Homeless Cats and Dogs

On the occasion of the International Homeless Animal Day, which, for thirty years has been celebrated on the third Saturday in August, we offered useful advice to prevent animals losing their homes. We emphasised that no one should keep a pet if they do not intend to care for them responsibly and with love. In addition to feeding, walking, and keeping animals in the same household with humans instead on a chain and in all weather conditions, responsible care also means protecting them from parasites, taking them to the vet when necessary, vaccinating them, chipping them and, last but not least, spaying them.

Plant Milk Conquers Croatia

We celebrated the World Plant Milk Day on August 22 to promote the benefits of plant-based dairy products for the environment, human health and animal welfare. On this occasion, we revived our Looking for a Queen campaign.

ZeGeVege Passes with Flying Colours

Goran Višnjić invited the Croatian public to the ZeGeVege festival, numerous speakers presented a rich educational programme, whereas delicious food was served by 70 exhibitors and 6 restaurants. The event enjoyed an amazing atmosphere with high attendance. In support of the event, the ZeGeVege festival was visited by, among others, Croatian President Milanović, Mayor Tomašević, Minister Vučković and other guests. Click here for a photo gallery.

22 Years of Relentless Work

This September marks 22 years of our work. For over two decades, we have been tirelessly working to educate the public on responsible and ethical animal treatment and environmental protection. Over the years, we have managed to achieve a lot, however, we want to achieve even more in future. We invite all to support us by becoming our members, donating, volunteering, or other.

Statute of Limitations Expires in Dog Rape Case

We sent a memo to Prime Minister Andrej Plenković asking for an urgent meeting of representatives of all relevant institutions to find a solution for sanctioning a notorious dog rapist Ivor Ivanišević. In 2015, the Croatian public was shocked by the case of Ivanišević, Member of the European Parliament, who was accused of raping his two dogs supported by plenty of evidence. It is highly likely that Ivanišević should remain unpunished as the statute of limitations expires on September 21, as devastating as it may be.

Horse Maltreatment in Orlovac

We reported a case of cruel horse maltreatment in Orlovac near Karlovac, which sent shockwaves through the Croatian public. We demanded for veterinary care to be provided to the maltreated horse, and other animals in owner’s possession to be seized, while imposing a ban on procurement and keeping of new animals by the owner. A few days later, we sent a memo to the President of the Croatian Veterinary Chamber, drawing attention to the inappropriate statements made by the veterinarian who further troubled the public by stating that the beaten horse is in an excellent condition.

Animal Abandonment Finally Criminal Offence

The Ministry of Justice and Administration has announced that animal abandonment will be sanctioned by a prison sentence, whereas an existing prison sentence for animal killing or torture will be increased. The majority of the Croatian public support this praiseworthy development, while our association expressed delight at Ministry’s acceptance of our proposal based on the 2021 initiative and an ongoing petition.

Blic vijesti

  • We reacted to a dog killing in Slavonia.
  • We made a statement relating to the unenforceability of the ban on animal keeping in circuses.
  • Read the interview with the dm company.
  • We commented on the problem of abandoned dogs.
  • We sent our proposals for amendments to the Proposal for Decree on Conditions and Means of Keeping Pets to the City of Osijek. We proposed to the city of Osijek to introduce permanent spaying and a complete ban on dog chaining.
  • We reacted to the case of dog defenestration.
  • Read this year’s ZeGeVege festival brochure.
  • We sent a memo to the Ministry of Justice and Administration on the importance of increase in penalties for animal killing and torture by amendments to the Penal Code.
  • We reported a deliberate running over of a dog in the town of Ilok.
  • We forwarded our proposals for amendments to the Proposal for Decree on Conditions and Means of Keeping Pets to the city of Pula during public consultations. Among other, we proposed stipulation of conditions for the maintenance of cat feeding stations.
  • We condemned dolphin shooting for which a fisherman is suspected, and we emphasised the importance of genuine protection of marine animals by banning bottom trawlers and increasing the areas with a fishing ban.
  • We urgently demanded information from the State Inspectorate on whether veterinary inspection took place following our complaints dated April 24 and May 22, 2023, regarding animal keeping and animal performances at the Candy Circus in Croatia.
  • Having received information of the horrific condition of animals held at the Bor Zoo, we forwarded a demand to the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture to organise an urgent veterinary inspection and assess the condition of animals, as well as to close the zoo to prevent further neglect and maltreatment of animals.

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