Animalist no. 242

15. ZeGeVege on the first weekend in September

We invited everyone to take a walk to Zagreb’s European Square to see the 15th ZeGeVege on September 1st and 2nd, 2023 and visit numerous producers of vegan food and cosmetic products that aren’t tested on animals. People were able to treat themself to delicious ethical and ecological dishes that was offered by various restaurants. Support for the festival was also provided by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, stating that ZeGeVege contributes to the enrichment of the overall tourist offer of the City of Zagreb.

Dubrovnik is moving towards a registered shelter

Last summer, the project Adopt Žarkovica Dogs was launched to take care of more than 260 dogs from Žarkovica. After a year of leading the project, Ana Ivelja was appointed this month as the temporary director of the newly founded Public Institution Shelter for Uncared Animals in Grabovica, which is a long-awaited concrete and commendable step.

Member of Parliament condemned the rape of a cat

In July, we participated in a meeting with MP Veljko Kajtazi regarding the recent horrific case of cat rape. The member of parliament condemned the abuse of the cat and promised to discuss this issue with the members at the next meeting of the Roma Association.

Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day is celebrated on August 2nd, when our annual demand and consumption of natural resources exceeds what the Earth can produce or renew in an entire year. The consequences are heat waves, forest fires, devastating floods and dramatic droughts, which are happening more and more frequently around the world. Climate change is largely related to our habit of eating meat and other animal products, as confirmed by the most extensive study to date.

Circuses with animals in Croatia

We wrote to the City of Pula, and then to all LGUs, not to grant a performance permit to the Candy circus, as well as to all circuses that use animals in their acts or bring them with them. Animals in circuses are punished, forced to perform meaningless tricks, long and tiring journeys and different climatic conditions.

Flash news

  • We reported the Municipality of Bebrina, after which the veterinary inspection initiated administrative proceedings.
  • We reacted to the recently adopted Decision on the municipal order of the City of Osijek and stated why it is necessary to change it.
  • We made a statement regarding the recent floods in the region and emphasized that we must also take care of animals in these situations.
  • We sent a letter to the City of Zagreb in which we wrote that it is high time to start controlling microchipping and financing castrations.
  • We reacted to the killing of a dog near Vinkovci and requested a detailed investigation.
  • We made a statement on the issue of breeding and ownership of animals.
  • We reacted to the abuse of the loggerhead turtle near Čiovo and condemned the mistreatment of animals.
  • We wrote again about the harmfulness of fireworks and why it is important not to organize them throughout the year.
  • We appealed to leave fresh water for animals in nature, especially during extreme heat.

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