Animalist no. 240

12th VeggieFair

On June 3, our 12th VeggieFair took place. Visitors to the Europe Square enjoyed vegan food and cruelty-free cosmetics, alongside educational activities and entertainment, offered by around thirty exhibitors and restaurants. We reminded all that by choosing vegan meals, humans can significantly reduce their negative impact on the environment, as well as help preserve water and other resources. Click here for photos.

Dairy Industry in 360 Degrees

On May 24, jointly with Animal Equality and Legame Studio, we organised a virtual reality experience. The virtual stroll allowed members of the public to “walk into” a dairy farm and a slaughterhouse. Participants could witness themselves what 270 million cows a year experience daily. Click here for photos.

Trap, Spay, Release

On the occasion of the Feral Cat World Spay Day, the Animal Protection Network called on all veterinary clinics to offer a free spaying for at least one feral cat, and thus symbolically encourage the public to spay cats and reduce their uncontrolled reproduction.

Increased Production of Plant-Based Dairy Products

With the increasing interest in and demand for plant-based products, a growing number of companies are including plant-based milk among their products, with some completely switching exclusively to vegan products. We, therefore, forwarded a proposal to all Croatian dairy farms to develop business plans that would include plant-based milk and dairy products in their operation.

Plant-based Burger Day

We reminded the public that the World Environment Day is also a Plant-based Burger Day. The positive effect of plant-based diet on environment protection is evident from the fact that the production of a plant-based burger requires significantly fewer resources in comparison to a beef burger. Thus, we called on the public to mark this day by finding their favourite plant-based burger.

For Slaughterhouse-free Meat

Over a period of one year, Europeans had the opportunity to sign a European Citizens’ Initiative which put forward two proposals to the European Commission: to start excluding farming animals from being eligible for farming subsidies, and to extend their support in favour of the production and sale of plant-based and cultivated foods. We called on the public to sign this Initiative which ended on June 6.

Prison Sentence for Animal Abandonment and Fights

Prompted by lenient penalties for animal torture and killing, as well as the increasingly serious criminal offences against animal welfare in recent times, we forwarded our proposals to the Ministry of Justice and Administration for amendments to the Penal Code. We pointed out it was paradoxical that the Penal Code currently prescribes a penalty for the most monstrous form of torture or killing of animals four times less lenient in comparison to, for example, the maximum penalty for damage to personal property. We proposed stricter sanctions such as increasing prison sentences, and rendering animal abandonment and animal fights criminal acts.

World Ocean Day

We celebrated the World Ocean Day to raise awareness on the imperative to preserve oceans and marine environments, and in view of the existing trends of ocean destruction through human exploitation. We emphasised that over the past 50 years, fishing wiped out 90 percent of the large fish population, and should this practice continue, our oceans’ fish stock will be depleted by 2050. The petition can be signed here.

Flash news

  • We created a form that can be filled in and e-mailed to Adidas requesting that they stop using kangaroo skin in their products.
  • We’ve made a presentation on why bottom-trawlers should not be used as tools for waste removal from the sea.
  • Read an interview with MEGGLE on the vegan products they displayed at the VeggieFair.
  • We forwarded a request to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Civil Protection Service calling for a protocol for saving animals in floods.
  • We sent a memo to the City of Požega to ask them to withdraw the urban beekeeping permits due to numerous complaints received from the public on poor bee-keeping practices and the subsequent problems caused by bees.
  • We participated in the consultations on local self-government organised by the Association of City Councils in Poreč.
  • We forwarded a memo to the State Inspectorate on the issue of amended Act on Domestic Animal Farming and requested that it stipulate free-range farming, as well as sanctions for those who abandon animals.
  • We requested veterinary inspection supervisions at the municipalities of Slavonski Šamac, Klakar and Podcrkavlje as they failed to set up a shelter for abandoned and stray animals or reach an agreement with an existing shelter.
  • We requested urgent clarification from the State Inspectorate on the permit issued to the Candy Circus that uses wild animal in their acts.
  • We took part in Veganmania in Vienna and Graz

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