Animalist no. 238

With Veganism to Health and Longevity!

Croats are the fattest nation in the European Union, with approximately 35% of children and 65% of adults being obese. In the run up to the World Health Day, we presented the advantages of the plant-based diet, with a special emphasis on obesity and health. Research has shown that people following a plant-based diet lead a better and a healthier life.

Tasty Vegan Dishes for Easter

At Easter we offered several vegan recipes as a far better option for the environment, our health, and, naturally, animals. Recipes we published at Easter will satisfy the taste buds of even the most demanding gourmets! The Easter cookbook is available here.

500,000 EU Citizens Vote for the Development of Plant-Based and Cultivated Meat

Almost 500,000 European Citizens demanded the European Commission to abolish livestock subsidies and redirect them towards plant-based and cultivated meat production to reduce the devastating effect of animal farming. Please join us and call on everyone to sign this petition aimed at investments in technologies that would not kill a single animal in the process of food production.

Take a Peek at the Life of Cows!

A major installation in the Zagreb city centre was used to demonstrate what happens with cows and their calves in dairy industry. Passers-by at Jelačić Square were surprised by the installation’s truck bearing large visual displays on the outside and playing informational videos on the inside. See how it all went.

First Announcement for Veggie Fair

The 12th Veggie Fair to take place in Europa Square in Zagreb this year has been set for Saturday, June 3, from 8am – 9pm. We will attempt to familiarize the visitors with the ideas of sustainable living, ecology, healthy diet, and non-violence in the most accessible and the tastiest of ways – by offering exclusively plant-based food.

I Produce Milk because I am a Mother

We placed a number of billboards in an attempt motivate the public to replace cow’s milk by plant-based milk. The billboards are meant to raise awareness on the fact that cows produce milk because they need to feed their babies, and not because this is part of their natural cycle.

Let us Prevent the Climate Crisis

On the occasion of Earth Day we joined in the climate protest by Zelena akcija, calling on the public for their support. We emphasised the importance of education on plant-based diet since farming animals for food is the leading cause of climate change with 14.5% of total greenhouse emissions.

Flash news

  • We submitted our comment on the Act on Amendments to the Public Peace and Order Disturbance Act, as part of the ongoing public debate.
  • We sent a letter to all advertisers concerning legal regulations on using animals in advertising.
  • We organised a brief action to stop the opening of the first octopus farm, in Spain.
  • We sent a letter to the Commissioner of Konavle relating to the mass poisoning of spayed feral cats.
  • We expressed our concern over the use of a donkey during a long trip of a six-member family from France to Palestine.
  • We reacted to the extraction of sea urchins at a beach in Istria.
  • We commented on the decision of the Croatian Defence Ministry to display and sell dogs that have been deemed unsuitable for further training.
  • We marked the World Day Against Pet Abandonment and called for homing abandoned animals instead of buying them.
  • We participated in the Homing is Cool action with a Our Big-Eared Loves theme and invited the public to home instead of buying animals.
  • We participated in the municipal meetings in Zagreb relating to the financing of cat spaying and micro-chip checks.
  • We sent a letter to all veterinarians in relation to the Animal Health Act and the new provision on dog micro-chipping.

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