Animalist no. 237

The majority of Croatian population do not know why cows produce milk

Independent research on the processes involving cow milk production showed that 68.4% of Croatian citizens do not know that cows produce milk on dairy farms because they have given birth to a calf. A street survey conducted in Zagreb showed similar results. At the same time, the survey showed that 85.1 % of respondents thought it was deceitful to advertise dairy products using images of happy cows or cows living like queens, against the backdrop of quite a different reality.

Cows don’t go on holidays, they go to slaughterhouses

We held a protest in front of the Belje dairy farm in Mitrovac, unquestionably stating that taking babies away from their mothers is no royal treatment. See the photo gallery of the protest. We also referred to the social media posts by the Cow Queen brand in which they state their “queens” are going to the seaside for a well-deserved vacation which “will take a while”. The truth is, the only place those cows will ever see, apart from the farm where they are exploited for their milk, is – the slaughterhouse. 🙁 Follow the campaign at

The law should protect dogs from horrors of life on a chain

We reiterated that dogs are social creatures that need human interaction. Tethering them for long periods leads to physical and psychological trauma. The current Animal Protection Act forbids “keeping dogs constantly chained”, however, the ambiguous and impractical nature of this provision allows this cruel practice to continue. Subsequently, at the forthcoming meetings of the committee for the new animal protection act, we are going to propose a complete ban of dog tethering, all animal performances in circuses and keeping privately owned tigers in captivity. We will also propose the so-called Positive List of animals that can be kept as pets.

Plant-based meat is IN

On World MeatOut Day we distributed vegan sarma and other meat-free dishes. At the same time, at OAZA Joyful Kitchen, Mr and Mrs Šarkanović presented their cookbook of vegan versions of traditional Balkan dishes – Balkan Vegan. Meatout was started to encourage people worldwide to remove meat from their diet. We continue to invite the public to sign the European initiative that calls for more investment in the development of plant-based and cultured meat aimed at ending slaughterhouses.

Time to end the fishing era

We celebrated the World Day to End Fishing and wrote on the devastating effects of fishing on our planet’s health. Fishing ravages our seas and oceans, threatening the survival of various marine organisms without which marine life is compromised and facing extinction. We also called the public to sign the petition for a bottom-trawling ban in Croatia, as it is the most destructive fishing method causing immense and irreparable damage to the Adriatic Sea.

Flash news

  • We gave statement on abandoned animals and spaying.
  • We were interviewed on the issue of feral animals in Zagreb.
  • We wrote an article on why urban beekeeping should remain banned.
  • We made a statement on a case of a dog that was almost killed by an electric collar.
  • We were interviewed on amendments to the Animal Protection Act.
  • We held the 31st meeting of the Animal Protection Network.

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