AnimaList No. 20

‘This has to be the most successful and heart warming campaign in the history of the antivivisection movement. The decency and determination of the Croatian people mobilized by your group, triumphed. No mincing of words about those psychopaths either. I wish you well with your legal pursuits also. Plain goodness backed by great determination triumphed. Many people worldwide will be inspired.’ – Liela Harvey. Dr. Med. MbChB Edinburgh.

P&G bloody products also in Maribor

On 28 June from noon to 1 p.m. on the crossroad of Gosposka and Jurciceva Street in Maribor, about ten local activists supported by the activists of Animal Friends Croatia held a demo against scandalous exploiting of laboratory animals. Wearing red overalls and banners and showing a video footage of animals in laboratories, they sparked the curiosity of the passers-by and many TV and radio crews and other journalists. The most interesting moment of this action happened when a group of some ten Italian tourists stopped in front of the activists and, realizing what this demo was about, gave a loud applause of their approval.

This was the continuation of the campaign that Animal Friends Croatia launched at the beginning of this year against Procter & Gamble, but also other companies that test their cosmetic products and cleansers on animals. After a very successful demo in Maribor, the similar action is scheduled for September in Ljubljana.

Summer campaign Don’t leave me

The fourth time in a row, AFC started their summer campaign Family on a seaside, the dog on the street?!, which this year carries the motto Don’t leave me, thanks to the expert support of the Cro-A-Porter team.

This year, too, the campaign was organized in cooperation with the City Department for Agriculture and Forestry, with the aim to prevent the flood of abandoned companion animals before summer holidays and to bring into spotlight the strays in the City Shelter for Abandoned Animals in Dumovec, thus animating finding homes for them.

In this regard, several press conferences were being held during which the appeal for finding homes for the animals in Dumovec was sent to the public. Also, on 2 and 3 July the animal shelter held an open door day, whilst on 9 July on the main square in Zagreb an action of finding new homes for the dogs in guardianship of Noah’s Arc society was organized.

According to the newest information, since the beginning of this campaign about 40 dogs found their new homes! Surely, the appearances in the various media of the Croatian celebrities Maja Vucic and Nikolina Pisek helped with that as well, for the two of them are from some ten billboards still inviting their fellow townsmen not to abandon their companion animals and to be more compassionate towards the animals they have.

Record-breaking the Human Race in Pamplona

While some of our activists diligently worked in Zagreb on the campaign Don’t leave me, about ten of our activists set on the Human Race 2005 in Pamplona together with 40 other activists from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro, Hungary and Bulgaria.

The packed coach left on 3 July for a 30-hours-drive to far Spain so as to, after troubles on Croatian-Slovenian border, finally join 600 other participants of the Human Race.

This was one more pressure on the Spanish authorities to ban this crack-brained and bloody tradition of bullfights and bull-runs. The growing number of Spanish cities, which turn their backs to this kind of entertainment every year, are the best indicator that the Human Race makes sense and that such actions are needed.

Those who still didn’t have a chance to see the pictures from Spain in the newspapers or on the TV news can visit our web site or PETA’s web site

La tortura, no es arte ni cultura!

Happy ending of the Battle for the Beagles

Only a week went by from the media explosion of ‘the beagles affair’ on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb until the ultimate liberation of the beagles and placing them in their homes! It is hard to say something new about this blitzkrieg operation at this point, for it was the talk of all Croatia, but the rest of the world kept a vigilant eye on it, too. No wonder then that Italian TV crew RAI Due came from Rome to make a special report and witness live the moment of giving 32 (un)fortunate dogs, which, by some strange channels, arrived from the Italian breeding facility for laboratory dogs in Green Hill to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb, to their new homes. Many web sites, portals and news groups from the United Kingdom, Belgium to those in the United States too reported about the rescuing of the beagles from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb, whilst the letters of support (and condemnation to the responsible for this crime) arrived from all over the world. Thus, more than 2,000 e-mails arrived to our organization!

All 32 dogs are happily re-homed and they are successfully recovering. They are still in fear from the ‘white coats’, they are not accustomed to the green grass they didn’t see until their liberation, they learn how to live in the real families. They also learn how to walk on the stairs, they are discovering music and for the first time they are finding out what is true love. The photos of the dogs and their families who shower them with care and attention, and who, with the broken legs, plucked out eye, without testicles, anus, tail, with high temperature, tails covered with blood and under stress left for good that hell hole, can be seen on our web site

Animal Friends Croatia once more wants to thank the Animal Protection Societies of Zagreb Alliance and other societies, all media, public persons and everyone who was one way or another somehow involved in this rescue operation, especially the families who embraced the rescued dogs. We hope that this is the beginning of big changes in Croatia, which will also include the forthcoming change of Animal Welfare Law of Croatia.

The first part of the Battle for the Beagles happily ended; what follows is the pressing of legal charges against the criminals Antun Brkic and Slobodan Vukicevic and the continuation of untying of ‘the beagles affair’.

Flash news

– Dogs and cats on the streets of Belgrade are the victims of brutal massacre for more than ten years already! About 100,000 victims and the number is getting higher each day. Every week more than 150 innocent lives are ended in the most heinous ways.

Abandoned Dogs and Cats of Belgrade and European Initiative 17, supported by the Internet animal activists have launched the action for stopping this cruel killing. If you want to help them, too, please visit, or send a protest letter from

– Animal Friends Croatia activists are working at full tilt on their completely new web sites, so we kindly ask everyone interested to send us their own texts in English and we will publish them on our web site. Also, giving us permission to publish some of the copyrighted and already published texts of all animal issues are also much appreciated. You can send them to our e-mail address

– During the summer months many abandoned animals wander the streets of our towns. Apart from the cars, death from dehydration due to high temperatures is looming over them. The birds and other animals can barely find some water on the red-hot sidewalks. Hence, we remind all of you not to forget to leave some fresh water on your balconies and in front of your doors to help the animals that live in our neighborhood to more easily endure the heat.

– We would like to recommend you one great anti-vivisection web site informing about animal experiments that do not work

– In PETA’s annual online poll Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was voted the ‘World’s Sexiest Vegetarian’. Martin and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow recently celebrated the first birthday of their daughter Apple with the vegan cake. A title of the ‘World’s Sexiest Vegetarians’ won in previous years Alicia Silverstone, Andre 3000 of OutKast, Tobey Maguire, Lauren Bush and Shania Twain.

– If you want to join Animal Friends Croatia and give your support against the bird hunt on Malta, please visit

Since the amount of work is increasing day in day out, it cannot be done solely on the volunteer basis any more. There is a realistic need for the professionalism, so all of us could be more efficient in our work for the animals. Our achievements so far in making the public more aware of the all aspects of animal issues as well as the need of changing the Animal Welfare Law of Croatia came as result of dedicated 24/7 engagement of few activists. Because of spending so much time working for AFC and personal financial self-denials, they are at subsistence level and thus forced to work full-time jobs so as to survive. Spare time after working in some company simply isn’t enough for normal functioning of our organization. Therefore, our goal is to find monthly donations, which will provide the stable funding we need to make sure that we can continue our vital work for the animals 24/7. Interested individuals, organizations and companies who are able and would like to help us with such kind of funding can contact us at our e-mail address

In conclusion, we want to share with you an excerpt from the e-mail we have received from Fondation Brigitte Bardot: ‘The whole team of Fondation Brigitte Bardot wants to express its sincere thanks and congratulations for the great job you achieved on the Beagles issue.’

Together with you for the animals,

Yours Animal Friends Croatia