Animalist no. 233

„Fish have impressively well-developed long-term memory, problem-solving skills, and sophisticated social structures”

Blood is Not Fashion.

With the help of the Kontra (Against) agency via the “Blood is not fashion” campaign, we invited everyone to sign the European Citizen’s initiative on against breeding animals for fur in the EU. Fur-farmed animals spend their entire lives imprisoned in tight wire cages, covered in dirt and excrement, and constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions, stress and cannibalism. In the end they are killed in the worst possible ways. Spread the petition and end their suffering!

Animal Protection is Delayed for More Than 15 Years

We sent a letter to Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković, asking that the problem of the shortage of animal protection workers in the Ministry of Agriculture be solved. We also suggested the establishment of a Department for Animal Protection. Of the eight Commissions for an amendment that should regulate the protection of animals, not one has started work. Neither has The Animal Protection Commission, though the Animal Protection Act prescribes this from 2006; therefore, 16 years ago!

Compassionate alternative to pig slaughter

At this time every year, the same sights are seen on village yards – unbearable frightened screaming is heard, the marks of unlucky animals’ resistance are seen on the grass, and puddles of blood melt frozen ground. Pig slaughter is not a cute tradition; it is the worst kind of violence and abuse of intelligent and sensitive animals. We believe that in the 21st century, there is no space for traditions that have a foundation in slaughter; they have to evolve into practices based on compassion. You can help by signing this petition.

Free castration for over 1000 animals

We announced that dog Aleksandra is the 1000th animal to be castrated, from February until today, through the Program of free castration of dogs and cats in the earthquake-affected areas. This project shows how vital castration is. Cities and municipalities should actively work on financing castration of caretakers’ dogs and cats. We suggest that mandatory castration is regulated through the amendments of the law, with recorded exceptions, to prevent suffering and deaths. You can find out more at

Stronger Control Over the Sale and Use of Firecrackers is Required

We sent a letter to the minister of internal affairs and all police stations. We appealed that the police increase the control by banning the sale and use of firecrackers during December by setting up additional police patrols. Firecrackers are forbidden throughout the year, including causes such as sports competitions. Given that the time of holding matches is known, warnings from police would help maintain celebrations of sporting victories without using pyrotechnic means.

International Animal Rights Day

At Zagreb’s ban Jelačić Square, we marked International Animal Rights Day with an impressive performance, thus highlighting that all animals, fish included, deserve consideration and compassion and a life without exploitation. Furthermore, we gave clear messages emphasizing the necessity of forbidding bottom trawlers. We invite everyone to spread the petition for this ban, which can be found at Look at the video and photographs of the performances as well.

New Year Celebration Without Fireworks

We reminded that New Year’s fireworks are not an essential and indispensable way of celebration and invited all cities and municipalities to be part of positive changes and mark New Year in an environmentally conscious and modern way. Čazma, Rovinj, Labin, and Opatija responded to this action for which we are thankful. We invite all citizens not to buy or use pyrotechnics or fireworks to harm the environment and animals less.

We Founded a Social Enterprise

With great pride and joy, we report about opening our webshop,, of our social enterprise, which was funded to support the non-profitable work of the Association. All funds raised are meant for campaigns, actions and work for the rights and protection of animals. You can find out more here.

Flash News

  • We got an answer from veterinary inspection regarding the supervision of municipalities Župa dubrovačka and Draž related to the non-implementation of law provision to take care of abandoned animals.
  • Moj gruntek (My little property) and Pepito have joined companies that give discounts to our members. Become a proud member of Animal Friends Croatia.
  • We reacted to the publication of a photo of a dead wolf hanged on a road sign at the entrance to Unešić and condemned this barbarism.
  • We marked International Pet Day and invited you to adopt those still waiting in the shelters for their forever home.
  • We organized an association of volunteers with a talk about the harm of fisher’s nets which kill even when thrown away into the sea. There was some delicious vegan food for everyone present. Look how it was.
  • We helped transport two goats to the shelter Sunčani Bregec (Sunny hill)!
  • We thanked Croatia insurance for the donation of casco insurance for our Dacia, which transports donations, volunteers to actions in and outside Croatia, and accompanies many animals to a better life!
  • We commented on the work of amenable institutions regarding the abuse and neglect of animals.
  • We took part in a meeting with the veterinary inspection at the State Inspectorate regarding a series of reports that refer to the violation of regulations from the field of animal protection. We discussed a series of essential topics.
  • The evening stand with the video projection is still held. We invite everyone willing and able to volunteer. It takes place on Wednesdays at Zagreb’s central railway station.

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