Animalist no. 232

„If you think that being vegan is difficult, imagine being a factory-farmed animal.” – Davegan Raza

The municipality of Pribislavec is the first in Croatia to go further in animal protection

The municipality of Pribislavec is the first to regulate in detail the conditions of keeping pets by the provisions of its Decision on the conditions and manner of keeping dogs, cats, and other pets. Apart from banning tethering of dogs, it also states that if the dog is kept in the yard, the whole area or part of the area of at least 30 m2 per dog must be fenced to prevent the dog from skidding out into the public place without a leash and supervision. Part of this area must also be protected from sunlight and other adverse weather conditions, and the doghouse must be situated on a concrete base to ensure the dog isn’t on wet ground after it rains.

Shelter that violets the law and does not castrate animals has been reported

Based on the reports received, the Animal Friends Croatia sent a report to the State Inspectorate and requested an inspection of the shelter for abandoned animals in Slavonski Brod. According to information from the reports, the dogs in the shelter are not castrated and have been mating with each other uncontrollably for years. Female dogs are abused and mistreated by several uncastrated males who fight for the females thus the dogs have traces of physical injuries. It is not known where the puppies end up, and the shelter gives up on adoption non-castrated animals. Footage from the shelter can be viewed here.

Many dogs in chains will not survive until legislative changes in force!

Thank you to everyone who took part in consultation with the public for the Proposal of the plan of legal activities of the Ministry of Agriculture for 2023. We invited all to take advantage of this opportunity to improve animal protection in Croatia and leave their comments seeking the most urgent adoption of the new Act on animal protection, which would forbid tethering dogs, the performance of all animals in circuses, and keeping tigers in captivity by private persons. It would also prescribe the so-called Positive List of animals that can be kept as pets, and other modifications – all about the changes we wish to incorporate in The Act at

Croatia in Vegan colors

Thanks to your help as well, as many as 100 vegan flags in 10 Croatian cities were placed on World Vegan Day, marked on November 1st. This year, other than Zagreb, Opatija, Pula, Čakovec, Krapina, Samobor, and Makarska, vegan flags were flying for seven days on masts of Vukovar, Zadar, and Slavonski Brod. We also organized a stand and degustation in front of the Zagreb Student Center, where students could sign the petition for introducing vegetarian meals in public institutions. Look at the photo gallery.

Dying slowly for 20 minutes in gas chambers over fur!

Together with numerous animal protection organizations, including the Fur Free Alliance, we welcomed the news of Latvia’s ban on fur farming. The same was recently done by France, Italy, Estonia, Ireland, and earlier by Croatia, among other countries. Remember that farming and killing animals for fur and leather is unethical, cruel, outdated, and harmful to the environment. We invite all to choose their clothing without animal fur and leather.

With Plant-based and Cultivated Meat for a Future Free of Hunger!

In light of World food day, we showed the importance of sustainable nutrition and invited you to sign the international citizen initiative for investment in innovative food production. By signing this petition, citizens proposed to the European Commission to invest more in the production of plant-based and cultivated meat, to exclude livestock farming from activities eligible for agricultural subsidies, and begin including ethical and environmentally friendly alternatives such as plant proteins.

Flash news

  • We reacted to unregistered dog breading, which only causes suffering and increases the number of abandoned animals, and reiterated the call not to buy animals, but adopt abandoned dogs and cats.
  • We gave an interview for International Animal Protection Day.
  • We sent the letter to Spanish embassy to include haunting dogs in its Animal Protection Act, which are left out in the current proposal and thus unprotected.
  • As part of VivaBIH Fest, our Luka held a panel discussion “Is it moral to exploit animals?”. The discussion was joined by Hrvoje Harač from Pobjede Association, Jelena Disić from Vege Association and one of the organizers, Ajdin Arnautović.
  • Bakina riznica ljepote (Grandma’s beauty treasury) from love for animals suggested a collaboration aiming to support our cause and decided to have a whole assortment as part of this action!
  • Our volunteer Goga continues with her cooking classes! For the upcoming workshop apply at
  • The free castration project in Banovina is successfully moving to an end, with more than 970 castrations done so far.
  • We supported and attended Climate march in the organization of Extinction Rebellion Zagreb.
  • Evening stands with projections of educational films on animal rights will be held every Thursday at 16:00 on Zagreb’s King Tomislav square. We need volunteers, so contact us if you can help us out at least once.
  • We visited the newly registered shelter Sunčani bregec (Sunny hill) and the cow Mona.
  • We had a meeting in Međimurje County regarding the continuation of a dog castration project in Roma settlements.
  • We participated in the Aquatic Life conference.

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Your Animal Friends

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