Animalist no. 231

„ A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right, and evil doesn’t become good, just because it’s accepted by a majority.” – Booker T. Washington

Penalties for taking photos with animals

In July and August, we sent reports to the State Inspectorate regarding reports that in the center of Zadar unknown persons were charging tourists to take photos with monkeys and owls. We received a reply from the competent veterinary inspection stating that the offenders were banned from exhibiting animals and indictments were filed, according to which the Municipal Court in Zadar imposed the prescribed fines on the offenders.

The 14th zegevege festival was held

This year, the 14th ZeGeVege festival took place at Ban Jelačić Square on the 23rd and 24th of September 2022. Sustainable living in the heart of the city attracted many visitors. We colored Zagreb’s main square for two full days and filled it with tempting scents and a rich and varied offer of exhibitors of vegan food and cosmetics that were not tested on animals with the purpose to educate the public. We believe that the interesting conversations on stage and the workshops for the youngest made many people even more interested in the vegan way of life. Take a look at ZeGeVege’s photo gallery, praise it to the City of Zagreb and thank the City for the permit.

150,000 dead because of greed

After salmonella was found in the eggs from the Lukač farm and after it was announced that they would kill as many as 150,000 chickens, we commented on their statements regarding the doubts that the salmonella was planted by their competitors. We emphasized the irony of how they have no doubts about the morality of confining conscious animals in overcrowded spaces, killing newborn chicks and depriving innocent creatures of all their natural needs. They count the damage in millions, not in lives, which would have ended prematurely even without the salmonella outbreak.

A month for celebrating the love of animals

October is known as the month in which love for animals is celebrated! It begins with World Vegetarian Day, followed by World Farm Animal Day, which draws attention to the terrible suffering and death of billions of farm animals. During October, it is encouraged to think about our relationship with animals and the habits that we have that influence their fate. Therefore, we invited everyone to sign the civil initiative “Let’s end the age of slaughterhouses”, the goal of which is to collect one million signatures in order to start investing in the technology of producing plant-based and cultured meat in Europe, i.e., meat that does not harm animals or the environment.

World Animal Day

This year, we have a particularly good reason to celebrate World Animal Day, which is celebrated around the world on October 4. Namely, the establishment of the Commission for upcoming amendments to the Animal Protection Act is currently underway. On the website, we explained in detail the proposals for legislative changes to prescribe: a complete ban on keeping dogs on a chain, the introduction of the so-called Positive lists of animals that can be kept as pets, ban on keeping wild animals in private captivity, complete ban on animals in circuses, introduction of mandatory castration of dogs and cats and other changes.

Vegan picnic

On the occasion of World Animal Day, organized by the City of Zagreb on Saturday, October 8, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Bundek Lake, visitors can expect interesting vegan dishes and products from the colorful offer of Vegan Picnic, as well as visit the information stands of various associations for protection of animals joined by their wards looking for a home. The youngest will especially be delighted by vegan pancakes, as well as a children’s corner full of puppies, which will be brought by the Dumovec Animal Shelter.

Flash news

  • We commented on Peta’s new campaign.
  • Watch the feature about Bojan and Ana, vegan marathon runners, in the show Kod nas doma.
  • We sent an urgent letter to the Veterinary Inspectorate to verify whether all breeders who are members of the Croatian Kennel Club are registered with the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • We made a statement regarding the increasing trend of animal abandonment due to the increase in living costs.
  • We reminded the municipality of Ravna Gora to provide us with data needed for the analysis of the implementation of the Animal Protection Act.
  • We sent letters to all LGUs regarding the provision of budget means needed for the implementation of the Animal Protection Act in 2023, primarily the control of microchipping of dogs and the financing of the castration of guardian dogs and cats.
  • We commented on the case of illegal sale of puppies.
  • We made a statement regarding World Animal Day and the establishment of a committee for Amendments to the Animal Protection Act.
  • Check out which companies donate money from their products to us and thus help our work.
  • We participated in the March for Animals in Belgrade.
  • Join us tomorrow (October 8, 2022) at the Vegan picnic at Bundek Lake on the occasion of World Animal Day.

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