AnimaList No. 19

On May 17, 2005, a day before Columbia University’s 251st Commencement, Dr. Charles Patterson, author of Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust, returned his doctorate to the Office of the President to protest Columbia’s ongoing mistreatment of animals in its labs…

Bloody Make-up of Max Factor

On April 21, 2005, seven female AFC activists walked at noon across Zagreb main square wearing ‘bloody’ make-up in order to reveal cruelty which hides behind animal testing ‘in the name of beauty’. After pointing a finger in mid January at Procter & Gamble (P&G) because of their household products, with this action we called all citizens to boycott P&G’s cosmetics. With the action ‘Bloody Make-up of Max Factor’ we wanted to vividly show that cosmetics tested on animals cannot beautify anyone who cares about one’s inner beauty and clear conscience. By the look of our activists and reactions of passers-by we obviously did that!

All Animals Have the Same Parts

On May 25, our five activists again walked the main city square to show explicit messages drawn over their almost naked bodies to show that animals raised for food have meat, bones, blood and the same body parts as humans do. Also, animals exposed to the torture of industrial breeding and violent slaughter experience the same psychological and physical pain as humans would. Our activists wanted to rouse compassion in consumers and tell them that animals’ lacerated bodies do not belong in butcher shops or in stores and supermarkets, wrapped in plastic foil.

Youth Associations Fair

This year, Animal Friends Croatia participated for the second time in the Youth Associations Fair, which took place from 11-13 May 2005 in Zagreb. A short promotion of the Croatian edition of Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust by Charles Patterson was held at the Fair, as well as a video presentations about the seal slaughter in Canada and animal abuse in circuses, followed by the video projection ‘Meet Your Meat’. We also invited all visitors and representatives of 38 associations to taste delicious vegan food and thus join vegetarians worldwide who kicked their meat habits for good.

At the same time of being present at the Youth Associations Fair, at another info stand in front of Croatian National Theater, which was held as part of the Human Freedoms Fair, Animal Friends Croatia again promoted the book Eternal Treblinka and the work of our organization.

Eternal Treblinka in KIC

Although the controversial book Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust by the American author Charles Patterson had its promotion on May 11 in Mama Club, the climax was reached eight days later at a promotion in KIC – Cultural Informative Center, Zagreb. Philosopher Hrvoje Juric said that ‘it was one of the few books which totally besets the reader, not only while reading it, but afterwards also, and probably forever’ and that it was a book that ‘profoundly disturbs, shocks and destroys’. His view was shared by other great promotors in their speeches. Suzana Marjanic said that by using a painful parallel between the Jewish and animal holocaust it is neccessary to focus our attention on the on-going holocaust. After showing some slides depicting transport of live animals and drawings made in slaughterhouses by Sue Coe, she finally commented the controversial exposition ‘Holocaust on your plate’ by PETA, which was held last year in Zagreb. Boris Beck gave a brief synthesis of the book’s content and the dilemmas it deals with. Miroslav Vukmanic, the director of the publishing company Genesis, which published the book in cooperation with the Animal Friends Croatia, and brilliantly translated by Bernard Jan, said that Eternal Treblinka was the most important book his company published so far. Bernard Jan, translator and animal rights activist, said that translating the book in Croatian was an exciting, but also a strenuous experience, marked by many speciesistic terminology. During the display of a ten minute video material ‘T4-Work in Progress’, by Robert Franziszty and Drazen Jeren, because of the explicit scenes from slaughterhouses combined with black and white photographs of the prisoners of German concentration camps, many participants had to leave the projection room, only to return for the final part, a heated debate initiated by the students of Filozofski fakultet Druzbe Isusove in Zagreb.

P&G Bloody Products

On May 21, 2005, and after actions ‘Ariel Washes Bloodily’ and ‘Bloody Make-up of Max Factor’, the Annual Global Boycott Procter & Gamble (P&G) Day was also adequately marked. While our activists informed the media people and passers-by about the sins of this multinational company, which has more than 250 brands on the market, with our banners, video projection, leafletting and handing out the black and white list, representatives of the Association for the Protection of Consumers in Croatia informed the public about their experiences with the cases of falsely advertising products of general use. This time again the interest for our black&white lists was huge. What’s more important, people increasingly follow the instructions from these lists whilst purchasing ethical products.

Protests Against the Notorious Circus Gärtner

After numerous incidents in Istria (Croatian peninsula) at the beginning of this year as well as in other places where it performed, circus Gärtner on its Dalmatian tour towards Dubrovnik tortures animals and verbally and physically attacks citizens of Croatia – now as the first registered Croatian circus with animal acts. At the beginning of May while performing in Zadar, circus employees attacked with stones the activist of Z.V.U.K. association whose members held a couple of protests in front of the circus, threatening him that they will kill him by ‘breaking his neck’. On 2 June in Sibenik activists of Animal Friends Croatia with a support of associations SEP Plavi planet, Z.V.U.K. and conscious citizens organized several protests in front of the circus. New protests are planned in all other towns where circus plans to make money on animal suffering. You can find out more about the history of Gärtner’s violence towards animals and people on our web site in the article ‘Who is Gärtner?’

World Ocean Day

For the fist time in Croatia, in cooperation with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and, Animal Friends Croatia marked this year’s World Ocean Day. Happenings took place on 4, 8 and 11 June with the informative stand and leafletting, a workshop in front of Europe theatre during which children from 1st to 4nd grade of Gubec International School, Eco-school Voltino as well as other children which were passing by and who readily joined in when our activists invited them drew whales, and the evening projection of two videos about the whaling and whale protection in net club Mama.

The focus of this year’s World Ocean Day was the protection of whales and urging a hasty accession of Croatia to International Whaling Commission (IWC) in order for Croatia to actively participate in whale protection and in upholding of the current moratorium on commercial whaling which threatens to be lifted. In this regard AFC sent an open letter to the Prime Minister of Croatia Ivo Sanader and we also contacted Croatian Minsitry of Culture.

Flash News

– Animal Friends Croatia, in cooperation with Green Action, marked in Zagreb park Maksimir Earth Day on 22 April, having a thematical info stand about animals abused in experiments and in connection with the World Day of Lab Animals (24 April).

– After the successfull rescuing of the dog Lika from a pit we organized three years ago, we are glad to announce that our branch from Zadar rescued another dog from a pit near Zadar in which he spent five years (!), thrown into it by irresponsible people. Again we invite everyone not to take a dog if one doesn’t have the conditions to care for it, and to spay/neuter their dogs so that unwanted puppies won’t end up thrown in a pit, drown or poisoned.

– Our branches in Rijeka, Krizevci and Umag also marked past month with appropriate actions, lectures and info stands. We are glad to hear that they are also active in our mutual fight for animals and their rights.

– On our web site there is a new gallery – an empty Croatian slaughterhouse facility, so if you really want to take a look at it this might be a good opportunity.

– Vegetarian center Potok in Mirca on the island of Brac invites you again and expects your visit! For more information please visit

– Our invitation for joining a Human Race in Pamplona this July in Spain in which hundreds of activists from all around the world will run for the ban of the cruel bull runs and bull fights, resulted with filled Zagreb coach in only a couple of weeks! We look forward to meeting all of you coming with other coaches to Pamplona!

At the end of this newsletter again we want to thank everyone who helped us and our work in any way. The least we can do for you in return is to promise to keep fighting for those whose voice can be only heard through us and our efforts.

All the best and for the animals,

Your Animal Friends Croatia