Animalist no. 228

„Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” – Karen Davison

International Day for Biological Diversity

Regarding the International day for biological diversity, which takes place annually on May 22nd, we’ve put forward some shocking data that indicates what we eat has a direct correlation with what happens to animal species. Cultivating animals requires enormous resources and pollutes the environment on which wildlife depends on.

The time has come for a fur free Europe!

The international coalition Fur Free Alliance started a European citizen initiative “Fur-free Europe”. Cooperating with several animal rights organizations, including Animal Friends Croatia, they will collect (for a year) electronic signatures on of EU citizens against fur farming. Stand on the right side of history and sign the initiative.

Prohibit trawls to save Adriatic

We invited citizens to participate in public counseling for „Proposal for the Ordinance on Issuing Authorizations for Commercial Fishing at Sea with a Bottom Trawl”. We asked everyone to support the urgent and complete prohibition of trawling on the Adriatic Sea. We’ve also started a new campaign and website Ban Bottom Trawlers where we explained the devastating effects trawling has on the Adriatic Sea. We received support from several institutions and associations and thanked everyone who commented.

Let’s empty the dog shelter in Žarkovica!

Together with association Victorious and the Čakovec shelter ‘Friends’, we took the task of helping the dogs in Žarkovica who need saving. While the situation is alarming on its own, veterinary inspection has proclaimed a 15-day deadline for all the dogs to be adopted. Spread the news about the website and the 204 dogs who urgently need their fate altered.


On the occasion of World Spay Day, we sent a letter to all cities and boroughs, calling for an active implementation of the “Trap–neuter–return” initiative for free feral cats. Many cities and boroughs in Croatia castrate free feral cats according to that method. Grad Zagreb has made a municipal decision, rulebook, and callout for organized feedlots for free feral cats, but the general situation is still far from proper.

Veggie Burger Day

On Veggie Burger Day, we opened a food-stand and offered freshly made veggie burgers to passers-by. The pea protein-based burgers were served in tasty buns with fresh additions and sauces. The reactions were truly positive. We’re convinced that a major change would happen if everyone tried plant-based burgers, and found out how tasty they are and how much less they damage our health, our environment, and the animal population.

Meat production technology without slaughterhouses!

We joined the international citizen initiative which aims to gather 1 million signatures for Europe to invest in an animal-free meat production technology. Find out why it is necessary to develop plant-based and cultivated meat technologies. It’s extremely important for everyone to leave their signature and vote on You can read more in our articles on cultivated meat.

To fall in love in veggie food on the VeggieFair!

The 11th VeggieFair has taken place on the Josip Jelačić Square in Zagreb. Visitors took part in a great time – promotions, education, and tastings of diverse and exclusively vegan foods from various exhibitors. Everyone was able to learn information about veganism from educational panels and our host Sara Mešin on the mic. Check out photos from the fair’s terrific atmosphere.

Abandoned animals don’t just fall out of the sky!

Tarik Filipović is the face of this year’s “Family to the sea, dog on the street?!” campaign with which we’ve been educating responsible care for dogs and cats for the past 20 years. In front of the lens of photographer Domagoj Kunić, who has himself adopted a bitch saved from the earthquake, the famous actor and television host posed alongside Melinda and Smoki, adorable dogs from the City of Zagreb shelter for neglected animals in Dumovec. The visual message: “Castrate, don’t philosophize! For abandoned animals don’t just fall out of the sky”, points out the importance of castration in preventing unwanted puppies and kittens from being abandoned.

Flash news

  • We gave a statement about the crows in the city.
  • We were visited by Heather Mills.
  • Dubrovnik dog shelter is looking for a worker. Please forward this information.
  • We gave a statement regarding the case of Ivor Ivanišević, who’s been accused and later convicted for raping his dogs.
  • We reacted to the news of the deceased horses from Marjan.

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