Animalist no. 227

„I believe one day we will look back and think how archaic our grandparents were in killing animals for food.” – Richard Branson

Help Animals Suffering in Experiments

On the 24th of April, the World Day for Laboratory Animals, we draw attention to millions of animals suffering in extremely cruel and painful lab testing. Read more in the letter we wrote and publicised in the media. Spread the word on the petition on banning sale of cosmetics containing ingredients tested on animals.

Meat More Dangerous than Fossil Fuels

Ari Ben Dror of The Good Food Institute sent a strong message in his online lecture at the Green Development Against the Climate Crisis Conference held as part of the Earth Day Resolution activities. He explained why meat, milk and egg industry systems present a greater threat to humanity than fossil fuels. As Bruce Friedrich noted in his lecture, eating meat is the same as cooking nine plates of pasta with sauce and throwing away eight of them.

The Importance of Banning Urban Beekeeping

We sent a memo to the City of Zagreb with a request to maintain the existing and very much justified ban on urban beekeeping and to increase the number of plant seedlings preferred by wild bees and other pollinators. Find out more on the importance of solitary bees and of the ban on urban beekeeping.

May – Neutering and Spaying Awareness Month

We called on all animal owners to participate in the major action of dog and cat neutering taking place in the month of May. More than one hundred veterinarians from around Croatia invite the public to get in touch and arrange an appointment for this routine, yet particularly important surgery that helps prevent unwanted litters and ensures pets’ health.

Birds Killed over Olives

We reported on mechanised night-time olive harvesting practices in Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal that results in killing of millions of birds. Please spread the word on this immense and unnecessary cruelty and buy olives and olive oil from Greece, or even better, Croatia, where such harvesting practices do not exist and where birds remain safe.

Mothers of Other Species

On Mother’s Day, we reminded that certain species are denied the opportunity to bond with their babies because of exploitation of their reproductive system. In pet industries, mothers often live in atrocious conditions. In meat, milk, and egg industries the situation is even worse with mother pigs spending their entire lives in metal boxes, cows being subjected to continuous pregnancies, while in egg industry, mothers live in cages and male chicks are ground-up alive. Learn more on mothers of other species and become their advocate.

Students Want Vegan Meals

Every day the number of students going vegan is increasing, as is the number of those reducing the consumption of meat, milk, and eggs for a variety of reasons. Thus, we set up a stall in front of the Student Centre Canteen offering students an opportunity to taste vegan dishes and to sign a petition for the introduction of vegan meals in public institutions. Help children and students exercise their right to a meal and spread the word about the petition.

What Happened to the Implementation of Low-Carbon Development Strategy?

In June 2021, the Croatian Parliament adopted the Low Carbon Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia Until 2030 with a View to 2050. The strategy states that a “significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions could be achieved with changes in the human dietary habits” and that “growing cereals for animal feed produces much more greenhouse gases than producing cereals for human consumption.” However, a year has passed since the Strategy was adopted and almost nothing has been done regarding these two points even though only modest funds are required to implement those measures. Consequently, we urged and called on cities and municipalities to join in and implement the strategy.

We are all Paying for the Suffering of Innocent Prisoners

“You are paying for their suffering. Cities spend millions on zoo maintenance. It is time for transformation.” These messages will appear on new billboards across many cities in Croatia. We are thus informing citizens that they are paying for the suffering of innocent prisoners, even if they do not visit zoos, something most people are not even aware of! City budgets allocate enormous funds for zoo maintenance. It cannot be justified either in terms of education, animal protection, or legal obligation as zoos are outdated attractions maintained at public expense.

Flash News

  • On Earth Day, we forwarded our proposals for sustainable living to all local and regional self-government units in Croatia.
  • We participated in a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture where it was confirmed that a committee would be set up this year to start work on amendments to the Animal Protection Act.
  • We held the 30th Meeting of the Animal Protection Network.
  • We forwarded our suggestions to the Ministry of Agriculture for improving the Unified Information Centre.
  • We sent a memo to the City of Zagreb on improving animal protection and held a follow-up meeting with the relevant authorities.

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