Animalist no. 226

„The Paris Agreement is completely silent on animal agriculture but a third of methane emissions come from animal agriculture. We can all make a difference. Fight climate change simply with diet change.” – Moby

Fishing Devastates Seas and Oceans

March 26 is the World Day for the End of Fishing whose purpose is to draw attention to the well-being of marine life such as fish, crustaceans, octopuses, turtles, and sea mammals. We warned that bottom-trawling gives cause for grave concern in Croatia as, due to its non-selective practices, it results in the catching and killing of all marine life in its way, while devastating the entire seabed at the same time.

Anastasia – a Cat Spokesperson

The story of Anastasia the cat is a story of all cats in Croatia. It is a story of the disregard for the Animal Protection Act, of the non-existent cat feeding stations or Trap-Neuter-Return programmes, of co-financing neutering and of a society that does not cater to the needs of its weakest members.

Stop the Opening of the First Octopus Farm!

On April 3, we gathered at the Zagreb central square with signs stating, “Free Octopuses” and “Prevent the Opening of the Octopus Farm”, joining in the international protest against the opening of the first octopus farm in the world. We expressed our opposition to octopus farming and we will put forward our request for these unprotected cephalopods to be included in the forthcoming amendments to the Animal Protection Act this year.

Plant-based Diet can Help Save Billions

On World Health Day, enticed by a recent study from Taiwan, we stressed the significant benefits of a plant-based diet for human health and huge savings to be made by the Croatian public health. If the study from Taiwan were to be applied to the Croatian public health system, by switching to a vegan diet, the health of a large part of the population could be significantly improved and as much as 3.5 billion kuna saved every year.

Ireland Bans Fur Farming

We hailed the news about Ireland becoming yet another country to introduce a ban on fur farming.
Croatia imposed the ban on fur farming back in 2017, after a 10-year transition period. It is encouraging to see progress made for the benefit of animals also in other countries that understand the pressing need to bring an end to this exceptionally cruel treatment of animals.

“Dog” Meat Tasting

We shocked the public by offering “dog meat tasting.” Naturally, we offered vegan burgers, and the entire “prank” was to motivate passers-by to think about why they would not eat a dog burger but are otherwise happy to eat the meat of equally conscious animals, such as pigs and cows. An increasing number of people realise that eating animals is just a matter of choice and are subsequently opting for a vegan diet.

Celebrating Easter with Vegan Dishes

Our message this Easter was that there is no better place than the Easter table to stop and think about the value of every individual life. Breaking Easter bread is a perfect occasion to break up with slaughterhouses. Shockingly, this time of the year, 30 million eggs and 1,700 tonnes of ham are consumed in Croatia. It has truly never been easier to replace the most common Easter table dishes with the plant-based ones.

Earth Day

On the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day, we emphasised how important it is to choose the food we eat if we are to save Earth. Hence, we organised a tasting of dishes and desserts with low carbon footprint. We also participated in a major cleaning action as part of the Earth Resolution initiative and invited the public on a Climate March.

Blic vijesti

  • Those who paid their membership for the current year can now enjoy discounts at the Tip Ines Veterinary Clinic and at Green Art.
  • We commented on the situation in Ukraine regarding animal help.
  • We reacted to the recent beating to death of a dog in Zagreb.
  • We requested information on the implementation of the Animal Protection Act from coordination working groups in all counties.
  • We sent copies of the brochure on neutering to all veterinary stations and clinics in Croatia.
  • We put forward a demand to Minister Marija Vučković to set up committees for amendments to Animal Protection Act.
  • After a long pause, our kitchen is finally being used again for cooking workshops, this time with an experienced chef and our dear volunteer, Goga Šore.

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