Animalist no. 220

„There are no negatives to eating like this. I feel nothing but positive, mentally and physically. I love it. I feel like it also has a kind of a domino effect on the rest of my life.” – Liam Hemsworth

Tigers are not pets!

We repeated our report on long-term keeping and breeding of tigers. It is absurd that such keeping of animals in Croatia is not regulated by law at all, which is another reason why it is necessary to initiate amendments to the Animal Protection Act next year.

Anyone who does not have the conditions should be banned from owning animals!

We invited everyone to participate in the public debate related to the plan of legislative activities of the Ministry of Agriculture for 2022. We consider it necessary to completely ban the keeping of dogs on a chain and the exploitation of all types of animals in circuses, to regulate the keeping and trade of wild and exotic animals, and to generally improve the legal protection of animals in Croatia. We reminded that no one is obligated to have an animal and those who can’t provide acceptable conditions should be banned from having them.

Punish wild people, not “wild” animals!

We filed an extensive report against Dragan Bezer for abandoning his domestic animals, for which the Ministry of Agriculture ordered to be killed, and we and others clearly opposed it. Our report for abandoning, neglecting, torturing and killing animals and endangering their welfare lists a number of established offenses he has committed, resulting in both harm to humans and the suffering of animals.

Diet change, not climate change

We have joined the international initiative “Diet change, not climate change“. The goal of the initiative is to encourage as many people as possible to change their diet, ie to replace meat, milk and eggs with tasty, nutritious and ubiquitous plant foods. One of the ambassadors of this initiative is a primatologist and vegan Dr. Jane Goodall.

Abandonment of animals deserves a prison sentance

Encouraged by the numerous cases of severe consequences of abandoning animals, we launched a petition demanding that the act of abandoning animals be treated as a criminal offense and sanctioned by imprisonment. We are also seeking changes to the Criminal Law to increase penalties for killing or torturing animals. Please spread the word and help collect as many signatures as possible.

Climate March

On the occasion of the last day of COP 26 conference where countries around the world decide on their climate policies, we invited and participated in the Climate March for Survival organized by Fridays For Future Croatia and Extinction Rebellion Zagreb. We have emphasized that animal husbandry is one of the biggest causes of climate change, planetary destruction, deforestation, land use, water pollution and famine.

World Diabetes Day

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, we reminded the public that the vegan diet is effective in preventing the treatment of diabetes. For people with type 1 diabetes, a vegan diet can reduce the risk of complications. In people with type 2 diabetes, it can be completely cured, which is confirmed by scientific research.

Bite by bite for big changes

With our new billboards “Bite by bite for big changes. That’s why I choose vegan products. ” we called on everyone to buy groceries responsibly in order to start a great revolution in small steps. By choosing vegan foods, we give a voice to sustainable agriculture, we make the world better for all its inhabitants, we do good for our own health, but also for the health of the entire planet.

Plant-based proteins instead of whey

Survey data from 18 European countries showed that plant-based products such as pea, rice or potato proteins are extremely attractive to consumers and athletes. This confirmed that they prefer the plant-based version of the protein to that obtained from whey and that consumers prefer certified products with the V-label.

Flash news

  • We sent a letter to MP Vučković regarding the implementation plan for the control of the reproduction of abandoned dogs in the area of ​​Međimurje County
  • We participated in a meeting with the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development on the topic of lightweight plastic bags.
  • We were in a meeting with Secretary of State Tugomir Majdak regarding the ordinance on dangerous dogs and the need to prescribe preventive measures, the need to regulate mobile veterinary clinics and other topics.
  • We held a stand on the 1st of November on the occasion of the World Vegan Day on Ban Jelačić Square.
  • We participated in a meeting with Chief State Inspector Andrija Mikulić regarding the need for better implementation of the Animal Protection Act and the need to reform veterinary inspection.
  • We were at a meeting with Minister Marija Vučković regarding the ban on keeping dogs on a chain, the need for the humane care of abandoned animals and other topics related to animal protection.
  • We made a statement regarding the impact of livestock on climate change and environmental pollution.
  • We sent a letter to Croatian EU parliamentarians to vote for a ban on wildlife circuses.
  • We printed 65,000 leaflets ‘Dogs and cats need responsibility from all of us’ for municipalities that do not have the possibility to finance the printing of leaflets and invited them to contact us
  • We made a statement regarding the implementation of the Animal Protection Act and the lack of dog parks.
  • We participated in the annual Aquatic Life conference related to fish welfare.
  • We received a response from the veterinary inspection in the case of a neglected dog.
  • We have made a Top List of Positives and Negatives for October.
  • We sent a letter to Minister Ćorić regarding the changes to the Ordinance on packaging and packaging waste.
  • We held the 28th meeting of the Animal Welfare Network.
  • We commented on a recent case of a dog attack.
  • We gave an interview regarding the abandonment of domestic animals.
  • We had a meeting with a company Čistoća Zagreb regarding the agreement on the promotion of the adoption of dogs and cats.

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