Animalist no. 219

„Animals suffer as much as we do. True humanity does not allow us to impose such sufferings on them. It is our duty to make the whole world recognize it. Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace.” – Albert Schweitzer

To a starvation-free future with vegan diet

“Our actions are our future” is the slogan of this year’s World Food Day. We remind everyone that the choice of the food we consume every day affects not only our health but also our survival on the planet. Therefore we once again invite everyone to switch to a vegan diet.

Croatian vegan kebabs finalists for the prestigious international award!

This year, for the first time, the international V-label awards international prizes to V-labeled products to reward the efforts companies make to create a positive impact on the environment, their communities and animal welfare. Among the three finalists of 577 applications from 36 different countries, vegan kebabs of the Croatian brand Vegefino were chosen! We remind you that of every pack of Vegefino kebabs sold, one kuna goes to our association!

Tourists petted them, the Ministry ordered their shooting

We expressed disgust with the decisions of the Ministry of Agriculture to shoot domestic animals that roam unattended, which is why we requested a revision of these decisions. We have expressed concern because it seems to be becoming a common practice of the state to ‘take care’ of stray neglected and abused animals by shooting at them instead of finding them a new home and sanctioning irresponsible owners.

It is not their fault they are abandoned and hungry!

We wrote again to the Minister of Agriculture, asking her to withdraw the decision on the shooting of domestic animals in the vicinity of Opuzen. Furthermore, we urged her to bring a new solution so that, instead of shooting the animals, the local community would advertise them and hand them over to those interested. We agree that the treatment of animals should be in accordance with the law, but the laws must not be implemented selectively by choosing the most brutal solution.

Ban dogs on chains and keeping tigers as pets!

We have sent letters to the Ministry of Agriculture requesting the amendments to the Animal Protection Act. Many articles, including the one related to the ban on keeping dogs chained, do not have a misdemeanor provision, which is illogical and makes it impossible to punish the offenders. Our proposals are the result of specific problems that we have identified in practice and that cannot be solved by the existing legislative framework.

Enough of animal torture

We left comments at the public debate related to the plan of legislative activities of the Ministry of Agriculture for 2022. There we have listed reasoned demands for a total ban on keeping dogs chained; a complete ban on keeping and performing animals in circuses; a ban on keeping tigers and other members of Carnivora order in private captivity and prescribing the so-called Positive lists of animals that can be kept as pets. Participate in the public debate, request a change to the Law and support our requests.

Croatian cities in vegan colors

We invited all citizens throughout our beautiful country to join in on the celebration of World Vegan Day that will be held on November 1st. For the occasion, we set up 18 vegan flags in Zagreb and 39 more in Opatija, Makarska, Pula, Samobor, Čakovec and Krapina to remind everyone of sympathy. and sustainability, which is the main message of the colors of the vegan flag.

Flash news

  • We received a response from the police administration regarding the killing of goats on the Island of Pag and the beating of a baby boar by a professor at the Maritime School of Bakar.
  • We requested the amendments to the Animal Welfare Act – chained dogs, circuses with animals, a Positive List of Pets, and large carnivorous species in the captivity.
  • We sent a request to local self-government units to support and advocate the introduction of regulation of animal trade, with the aforementioned trade being widespread in Croatia, and with no supervision.
  • We sent a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture regarding their recent solutions for shooting domestic animals.
  • We held lectures in schools related to animal protection and veganism.
  • We invite everyone to participate in the Climate March for Survival on November 12th 2021 at 6 PM, organized by Fridays For Future Croatia and Extinction Rebellion Zagreb.
  • Here you can see which products you can buy to help us do our work, such as Stella’s sausage.
  • We are once again doing our evening stands. They will be held on November 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th. If you want to participate, feel free to contact us at

Despite great effort and numerous results, we cannot continue our work for animals without your continuous financial assistance. Support us with a standing order, donation and payment of the annual membership fee. Even a few kunas a month can mean a lot to us. Thank you all!

Your Animal Friends

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