Animalist no. 217

„Some of us have lots of choices while some have none at all. But most of us can at least do something — no matter how small. So, what will you do?” – Greta Thunberg

The 13th ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living

On September 3rd and 4th, at Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb, after last year’s break, for the thirteenth time in a row we organised the largest vegan celebration and a big part of Croatia’s tourist, economic, gastronomic, ecological and cultural offer in this part of Europe – ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living. Each of us can be careful to leave as little ecological footprint as possible, to think about water scarcity, to prevent world hunger, to stop further global warming and to save animals. ZeGeVege encourages individuals to change themselves to change the world. Take a look at the photo gallery.

A year in prison for a dog rapist

We welcomed the verdict of the Criminal Court in Zagreb and Judge Jasna Zoretić Rendulić, which saved the justice and reputation of Croatia and sentenced Ivor Ivanišević to a maximum of one year in prison for sexually abusing dogs. A sentence of one year in prison is not nearly adequate to the pain and suffering that dogs have suffered, but this verdict is very important for preventing similar crimes and protecting victims who cannot defend themselves.

Croatia has not participated in the seal slaughter in the last 15 years

We have announced that the continuation of the ban on the import of leather and leather products of young seal species for commercial purposes has been confirmed by the recent entry into force of the new ordinance. We were reminded that the Canadian commercial seal hunt is the largest carnage of marine mammals on the planet. It’s not just seals that suffer – millions of cows, pigs, sheep and goats are killed for their skin every year, so we urge everyone to say no to the products behind the enormous amount of suffering.

A dog died of starvation tied to a chain

A horrible sight of a dead dog tied to a chain in the village of Turčinovići near Sveti Petar in Šuma in central Istria broke the hearts of volunteers from the SNOOPY Association from Pula, who wanted to help the dog, but it was too late. The case has been reported to the police, and we are continuing with the Ban the Chain campaign, which seeks a legal ban on keeping dogs on a chain and higher penalties for torturing animals. You can sign the petition here.

Diet change, not climate change

We have joined an initiative called Diet Change Not Climate Change. The aim of this campaign is to encourage as many people as possible to swear to change their diet in order to prevent climate change. If you are worried about climate change or interested in how much a plant-based diet can help the Earth, take a step further and take a pledge. We hope that the facts you can find out here will encourage you to take the pledge.

Skip the Zoo

As part of the Skip the Zoo campaign, we published posters with portraits of monkeys and lions behind bars that can be seen in many Croatian cities and that leave no one indifferent. Although our lockdown had a beginning and an end, there is no hope for animals, no vaccines, no possibility of repealing measures… First, we took away their natural habitat, and then we locked them in small cages where they will spend most of their lives alone, in lifelong isolation. We believe that everyone knows in their heart how wrong and shameful zoos are, and you can find out more about this at

Flash news

  • We requested inspection supervision regarding the killing of goats in the settlement of Metajna.
  • We held the 27th Meeting of the Animal Welfare Network.
  • We have reported that the European Parliament has called on the European Commission to establish an action plan that will phase out the use of animals for experiments at EU level.
  • A new, third in a row, an educational leaflet was made and sent to JLS / JRS.
  • We invite everyone to sign the petition of the “Save Bees and Farmers!” aimed at phasing out synthetic pesticides in EU agricultural production by 2035, introducing measures to restore biodiversity.
  • New V-label holders have recently become companies Fru Chef d.o.o., Melli Aromatica and Opg Hržica Marina.

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