Animalist no. 216

„The nature of humanity, its essence, is to feel another’s pain as one’s own, and to act to take that pain away. There is a nobility in compassion, a beauty in empathy, a grace in forgiveness.” – John Connolly

Vegan scrambled eggs as the most innovative product

Vegefino, a Croatian producer of plant food, stood out as the most innovative because of the ready-made vegan scrambled eggs, the first of its kind on the Croatian market. They only need to be reheated before consumption. Tofu scrambled eggs were created as part of our project “Lets produce sustainably, lets eat green”. It will be presented at the 13th ZeGeVege festival along with other innovations and numerous, already well-known products such as Stella’s sausage and Vegefino “čevapčić” (minced meat).

Adopting animals is a socially responsible behavior!

We called for the celebration of the International Homeless Animals Day, which aims to point out the necessity of solving the problem of abandoning animals. It is necessary to actively carry out microchipping and castration of dogs and cats, and to encourage the adoption of animals instead of buying them. In addition to the need to constantly raise public awareness of the importance of responsible custody, the emphasis should be on systematically resolving problems and involving all those responsible in addressing the cause.

World Plant Milk Day

On August 22nd, we marked World Plant Milk Day, which was attended by several million people around the world. Its aim is to encourage the transition from the consumption of animal milk and dairy products to those of plant origin. On that occasion, Igor Barberić, Nataša Rajčević and Marie Wasler invited everyone to join them on Saturday, August 21st, 2021 and visit our educational stand on Zagreb’s Ban Jelačić Square. Visitors were able to try delicious and healthy vegan dishes and desserts such as burek and cakes, and try frappes with plant milk. Furthermore, they could learn about the benefits plant alternatives have on animals, the environment and their own health.

New Ordinance on Dangerous Dogs

We left comments at the current public debate regarding the Ordinance on Dangerous, Possibly Dangerous and Dogs from Uncontrolled Breeding. The new Ordinance enacts a series of preventive measures aimed at protecting dogs and humans, as well as preventing abuse of dogs on the basis of their breed. The obligations of owners of dogs of certain breeds, as well as their crossbreeds from uncontrolled breeding, are regulated in more detail. This is done in order to prevent dog bites and attacks, injuries and death of people and dogs, and thus the killing of dogs that caused these attacks and deaths.

Poor Ordinance on hotels for animals

For the first time, the Ministry of Agriculture has issued an ordinance that should regulate the operation of hotels for animals in Croatia. We consider the Ordinance superficially written, too general and unsatisfactory. The biggest drawback is the complete absence of the prescribed minimum useful floor area per animal. This allows hotels which do not care about animal welfare to cram a large number of animals in small quarters. We pointed out that all similar regulations have the prescribed dimensions for meeting basic needs of animals. Without this, veterinary inspection will not have clear criteria for determining the capacity of the facility.

A vegan oasis full of useful information

This year, visitors of the ZeGeVege festival can expect inspiring and dynamic conversations of the presenter Sara Mešin with various speakers that will grace the stage. Topics of discussion will be diverse: vegan diet and health, vegans in sport, the impact of vegan diet on stopping climate change, solutions to disposable plastic problems, presentation of various initiatives and activities in the field of animal rights from Croatia and the region, as well as many other themes.

Against the uncontrolled reproduction of dogs

We responded to new cases of dog attacks and explained why it is good that certain strong breeds and their crossbreeds from uncontrolled breeding must be castrated. These are dogs that, due to their genetic predispositions, size and strength of the bite, can cause serious injuries or kill a human or another dog, unlike some smaller dogs. This is constantly confirmed by cases of attacks. Castration would prevent litters of unwanted puppies of large breeds, as well as dog bites, injuries and deaths of humans and dogs, and thus the killing of dogs that caused attacks and deaths. Preventive measures do not harm these dogs, rather help and protect them.

Flash news

  • We did an interview with Spar, dm, Biovega and the Healthy Food Factory on the occasion of the recent ZeGeVege festival.
  • Find out why switching to veganism is a positive health change.
  • We made a statement regarding the case of the runaway python.

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