Animalist no. 215

„Veganism is a call against war, against violence, against murder – veganism is a demand for inclusion” – Allison J. van Tilborgh

Zdenka Kovačiček for dogs having difficulty being adopted

Singer Zdenka Kovačiček, the face of this year’s campaign, wants to draw additional attention to the so-called difficult types of dogs to adopt – those of older age, handicapped, black and traumatized. Apart from Vili, Čupavi and Danelly, who posed with her on posters, Zdenka also became close with Nora and Astor on the set. Their stories and visuals can be found here.

Igor Barberić counts saved lives

Igor Barberić is the author of the slogan “Instead of calories, I count saved lives“, who calls for a compassionate way of life through our posters. Aware of all the benefits of veganism, Igor pointed out that he is extremely proud of the fact that in 11 years of exclusive plant-based diet he managed to save the lives of as many as 4,015 animals. Read other positive numbers, follow his example and switch to a vegan diet.

Vegan ice creams cool us and our planet

We reminded that there are more and more vegan ice creams on the market, which are just as delicious, as well as healthier than those made with cow’s milk. Not only are they cooling us, but our planet as well. The dairy industry is a major consumer of freshwater due to milk and meat, therefore it contributes to environmental pollution and has been proven to affect global warming. Enjoy vegan ice creams that are meant for everyone.

Igor, Marie and Nataša don’t count calories

In our latest campaign, Igor Barberić was joined by food bloggers Marie Wasler and Nataša Rajčević. Marie became a vegan four years ago and that, as she points out, is the best decision she has made. Natasha, proud of her six years of veganism, believes she has no right to take anyone’s life. Igor believes that posters will not leave anyone indifferent and calls on everyone to stop counting calories and start counting lives, the amount of water and forest area that will be saved by transferring to a plant based diet and way of life.

Flash news

  • We updated our Top list of Good Guys and Bad Guys
  • We reacted to the beating of horses during the Olympic Games
  • We called on the citizens to write to the Ministry of Agriculture, the Government and the Brijuni National Park to relocate the elephant Lanka to a shelter in order to spend the last years of her life in adequate conditions.
  • We wrote a report on the killed swan requesting that the perpetrator be sanctioned under the Act.
  • We were guests on the show Svakodnevica where we promoted animal adoption, invited everyone to attend ZeGeVege festival and talked about problems with veterinary inspection.
  • A friendly reminder of our two current campaigns: Skip the Zoos and Ban the Chain

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