Animalist no. 213

„Man is the only animal that can remain on friendly terms with the victims he intends to eat until he eats them.” – Samuel Butler

Croatia bans plastic carrying bags!

The Croatian Parliament passed a new Law on Waste Management, which, among other things, prohibits plastic carrying bags. All the way back in 2008, we launched a campaign and petition to ban plastic bags, so we are happy with this victory and the ban finally being passed! We also advocated for a ban on the thin disposable plastic bags, which was not accepted, so we appeal that this problem be resolved by the obligation to pay for them, as well as a clear regulation in bylaws. We noted that this should be just one in a series of good environmental and animal protection provisions.

Caterers and hobbyists, stop rescuing tigers by breeding them and holding them in captivity!

Those who imprison tigers are not their saviors or benefactors. It is absurd and cruel to deliberately breed tigers and other wildlife knowing they will never be able to return to the wild. A major problem is the lack of inspection and clear legal ban on keeping wild animals by individuals. Croatia does not have any legal regulations for trade of exotic animals as pets, which is why we proposed the introduction of the so-called Positive list, ie list of species that can be kept as pets. We invite you to write to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Government to introduce the Positive List, as well as the specific legal prohibitions.

Is Croatia becoming a country of captive and tortured tigers and other wild animals?

The recent sighting of a tiger on a ferry symbolizes the awful reality of wildlife protection in Croatia. It is difficult to determine whether it is worse if it is an illegal act or an act approved by the competent institutions. For a tiger, these two scenarios are one and the same, but are just as embarrassing for Croatia. Regardless of its destination, the tiger will face psychological abuse in captivity, and will have 18,000 times less space to roam than he would have in his natural environment. Read more about animals that spend their entire lives in captivity, support the “Stay out of the Zoo” campaign ( and share it with friends.

Dogs can die from overheating

Regarding the increasingly frequent and stronger heat waves that affect Croatia, as well as the other parts of the world, we noted that dogs cannot sweat, but cool themselves by panting, so extreme heat is very dangerous for them. Dogs and cats must always have access to fresh water. You can also leave some water outside where birds and other wild animals that need it to survive can get it.

Firefighters: We have witnessed the cruelties of keeping dogs chained!

After the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, the Croatian Fire Brigade also supported the national campaign “For Croatia without dogs on a chain”. The letter states that they support “this commendable initiative which enables dogs, as man’s faithful companion and helper, to live a free and dignified life.” ” On a daily basis, firefighters take part in rescuing people and property as well as animals from various dangerous situations.” Unfortunately, in numerous cases, they witnessed cruelties in which animals that were permanently tied to a chain were unable to save themselves.

The well-known brand will stop procuring wild animal fur

We reported that after years of protests, actions and campaigns conducted by PETA against one of the most notorious fashion brands Canada Goose, the company has finally agreed to stop procuring new fur from hunters. The company announced it will stop buying fur from hunters at the end of this year, as well as its plan to stop the use of new coyote fur on all their products at the end of the year 2022. We urge everyone not to buy products that contain fur, leather, feathers and silk.

Flash news

  • The new article “Zoos are outdated” explains how far zoos are removed from the wildlife protection.
  • We have added the answer to a new FAQ – is it good for the meat industry to produce vegan products (last paragraph).
  • We repeated the report on a malnourished dog in Šibenik.
  • New people from Croatia have been added to the list of famous vegans and vegetarians.
  • We sent a letter to the Minister of Agriculture regarding the so-called Positive list and reported on the dangers of unregulated trade in exotic animals in the EU.
  • We participated in the Animal Politics World Conference on Food & Health.
  • Sign and share this petition with #FoodRevolution to call on all governments to put the health of people, animals and our planet first.
  • We sent a letter to the shops on the occasion of World Plant Milk Day.
  • Regarding neglected cows in Sinj, we pointed out that the scale of neglect and abuse of animals on farms whose owners want to benefit from the state aid for agriculture is appalling, with the implementation of incentives being poorly controlled, or not at all.
  • Finally, we want to announce that we re-enabled online card payments for donations and membership fees! Many thanks to everyone for every kuna, any help is welcome!

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