Animalist no. 211

„Being vegan helped me realize I can say and do what I believe is right. That’s powerful.” – Alicia Silverstone

The most innovative vegan product!

Let’s produce sustainably, let’s eat green” is the name of our new project that aims to encourage domestic producers to produce and market new vegan products. The Ministry of Agriculture recognized the importance of vegan products for sustainable development and supported this project. All interested producers can apply. We plan to choose the best new product for this year’s ZeGeVege, that is to be held on September 3rd and 4th.

Different burgers for a different world

June 5th marks the National Veggie Burger Day. Its goal is to promote burgers and other plant-based products that can save the world due to their innovative, nutritionally valuable and environmentally sustainable ingredients. We invited restaurants, importers and producers to mark the day by introducing, promoting and by organizing tasting of plant-based burgers, as well as informing about their benefits. We noted that the production of meat burgers requires killing animals, and significantly more water and soil than the production of a plant-based burger.

The Animal Protection Network brings together 55 associations

At the recent 26th meeting of the Animal Welfare Network, which brings together more than 50 associations, new ideas were discussed that would lead to banning dog chaining, encouraging local communities to implement the Animal Protection Act, registering new shelters and neutering programs for dogs and cats. The work of the APN can be supported by payment to the bank account: HR9524020061500072860, via the Keks Pay application or QR code.

We all have a role in preventing climate change!

On the occasion of the World Environment Day, which is celebrated on June 5th, we sent a “Food and Ecology” brochure to all MPs with the aim of encouraging real efforts to preserve the environment, animals and nature, as well as prevent climate change. The brochure explains the connection between animal husbandry and current problems such as world hunger, global warming, water consumption and deforestation in an accessible way.

Vegefino kebabs are at the VegeFair

At the 10th VegeFair, which will be held on June 15th 2021 on the Main Zagreb Square, a tasting of the finest ready-made vegan kebabs available on the Croatian market will be possible. These kebabs are better than meat-based ones because they don’t require anyone dying for it and are intended for everyone. With their taste, appearance, smell, color and texture, they are reminiscent of animal meat kebabs and are thus consumed – with bun, onions and ajvar. As with every Stella sausage that will also be available at the VegeFair, with every pack of Vegefino kebabs, one kuna is donated to Animal Friends.

Let’s not allow the destruction of Croatia with plastic bags!

On the occasion of the first reading in the Parliament of the proposal of the new Law on Waste Management, we sent an invitation to the Members of Parliament to support the ban on disposable plastic and light plastic bags. Huge amounts of plastic bags end up in the seas and the environment, where they pose a danger to many animals that can get entangled in them or swallow them. The microplastics created by the decomposition of bags end up in animal and human organisms, while workers in the production of plastic bags are exposed to toxic chemicals. As a predominant tourism-oriented country, now is the time to stand up for the future of Croatia in the long run because we can lose a lot due to endangering and destroying our natural beauty with plastic bags and other plastic waste.

Flash news

  • We gave a statement regarding the crow attacks in Zagreb
  • We received an answer for the implementation of the Law on Animal Protection in the Municipality of Drenovci.
  • We received a response from the Ministry of Agriculture regarding the public consultation on school nutrition.
  • We requested supervision over the Municipality of Župa dubrovačka regarding the implementation of the Act.
  • We invited everyone to volunteer at the VegeFair because all help is much appreciated.
  • We wrote a criminal complaint regarding the torturing of a chicken.
  • Take a look at this year’s exhibitors at the VegeFair.
  • We sent a letter to Minister Marić regarding the regulation of animal trade.
  • We sent a welcome letter to the newly elected mayors and governers in which we emphasized that the implementation of the Animal Protection Act lies in their hands and that we are at their disposal for assistance related to the implementation of the Act and responsible custody.

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