Animalist no. 210

„Our relationship with nature is broken. But relationships can change. When we protect nature – we are nature protecting itself.” – Greta Thunberg

Chaining dogs is a question for the minister, not cities and municipalities

In addition to the Croatian City Association, the ban on keeping dogs chained was supported by the Croatian County Association, as well as experts. The Animal Welfare Act stipulates that it is forbidden to keep dogs permanently tethered which makes the provision very vague. Professor Dr. Sc. Boris Bakota explains that in practice it is impossible to check whether someone keeps dogs tied up or not, and notes that different people will interpret the word “permanently” in different ways. He concludes that it is necessary to delete the word “permanently” from the Act, and have the ordinance regulate the conditions and manner of keeping pets – not make it the obligation of local self-government units.

Local elections should contribute to better animal protection

We addressed all the candidates, appealing to them to include animal protection as part of their program. We called on citizens to choose those candidates who will implement the Animal Welfare Act in their area and improve the existing situation. We emphasized that many important changes often do not require a lot of money, rather a bit of good will.

Italy bans the import and trade of wild and exotic animals

We have announced that wild and exotic animals will no longer be imported and kept in Italy; we welcomed this decision. Italy has thus taken a major and concrete step forward for the protection of animals and human health, as well as towards the prevention of epidemics and pandemics. For a long time now, we have been appealing to the competent authorities for Croatia to introduce the so-called White Animal List that can be kept as pets. Animals suffer immensely in breeding, trade, transportation and, ultimately, in captivity.

Vegan products at the 10th VeggieFair

We have announced that the preparation for the jubilee VegeFair is in progress. Visit us on Tuesday, June 15th 2021, from 8 am to 8 pm, on Ban Jelačić Square, where you will be able to enjoy various vegan delicacies. In addition to food products, at the 10th VeggieFair you will be able to buy cosmetic products that have not been tested on animals, and visitors will be able to get advice and expand their knowledge of veganism and animal rights at our educational stand.

Flash news

  • We wrote an article about hunting and poaching.
  • We have sent an invitation to produce new vegan products to various manufacturers.
  • We left our comments in the Public Nutrition Consultation regarding School Nutrition.
  • PETA called on Prime Minister Plenković to ban dog chaining.
  • We remind you that you can also pay our donations with a QR code via the Keks application. See other collaborations with other companies here.
  • We have given a statement for the Eco Zone excerpt regarding the testing of cosmetic products on animals.
  • The new V-label holder is the First In Ltd., for the Almond & Fig Nut Bar, Hazelnut & Plum Nut Bar, Very Sour Cherry Nut Bar, Protein Nut Bar, Coconut Enjoy and Cocoa Enjoy.
  • We have certified the new Zvijezda plus product line with the V-label. which consists of the following products: Planet of plants oil, Planet of plants cube, Planet of plants spread, Planet plant mayonnaise and Planet plant sauce.
  • MioBio Ltd. received a V-label certificate for its new product Bio snack bar Hazelnut – Fleur de sel.
  • We participated in the Vau weekend at King Cross where we promoted animal adoption and responsible custody.
  • We gave a statement about plastic masks and bags for HRT’s show “Kod nas doma”.

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